Long time no see guys!

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I was timidly taking on new PR tasks and had worried about getting my first media mention.

Just a few weeks later and I’ve got seven media mentions! (Some of them are pending haha.)

I’m so pleased that I said yes to this opportunity, I never would have built these relationships if I hadn’t.

At the moment I’m focusing on website copywriting. I actually find it quite hard, especially as the design of a website influences how the text comes across so much.

Sometimes I write something, see it go live, and then think that the impact has changed slightly, but I get better and quicker each time I do it, so it’s always getting better!


The biggest thing that I’ve learned doing PR is that people LOVE METAPHORS AND STORIES

They help you to understand complex things and people relate to them really well – so journo’s love them. 

If I can include a metaphor/story in a pitch, I will!

I’m really pleased that the content writing team has expanded recently, I feel like I have a big family of content team members behind me now 🙂

What’s Coming In The Week Ahead:

Ciao, for now, my lovelies, see you again in April 🙂