The story started

About Nathalie's Experience!

Hi, I’m Nat, and I’m a content writer. Let me tell you how I landed my dream job here at Pearl Lemon. 

To give a quick background, I’m an undergraduate without any formal training in content writing. From a corporate standpoint, those two combinations would land me next to nothing, so I have come to accept that I will never get to be a professional writer. 

My love for writing started at a young age. There came the point where I was offered to publish a book with my original story, but the situation then hindered me from doing so, and I was too young to understand how it works, so I didn’t push through. I mainly worked with novels- scribbled in notebooks I still have up to this day. 

I stopped writing when I was in college- mainly because I didn’t have the time, even just to do it leisurely. I only found myself writing again about 3 years ago, and I used this ability to escape the storms the pandemic brought upon my family and me. 

For most of my adult life, I worked in the events industry. And man, was it going so well. I earned money I never thought I’d earn at this age. But the pandemic changed all of that, and suddenly everything was gone. 

Why am I telling this story? 

Well, it’s because this is exactly where Pearl Lemon comes into the picture. 

I was already feeling hopeless, working in an industry that proved too toxic. And then the offer came (Hi Chill!), and of course, at first, I was too hesitant- like, who would ever want to hire someone with no experience or formal background, right? 

But that was exactly what stood out to me the most about Pearl Lemon. 

They don’t see you for your educational background or previous work experiences; instead, they focus on your determination and willingness to learn and what you can and want to be. 

The Trial Week 

This was very nerve-wracking, and where I first met Deepak and Celeste. 

They gave me my first task, and I was asked to write three types of content. 

I was at a complete loss for someone who had no idea what to do.

However, as I went through the training videos and saw the processes first hand, I realized that they are indeed doable. 

The first step is always the hardest like everyone always says, 

And it was because I struggled a lot. I was unsure if what I was doing was correct and at this point, my nerves were getting to me and I felt like I was going to fail. 

Until I got Celeste’s feedback. 

I think I read this short email more times than I can count. It may seem like not a big deal for anyone else, but for me who had absolutely no experience whatsoever- this became a huge encouragement. 

It gave me hope that I can do this. 

I never thought I would- but I did.

Getting started 

This message came days shy of my birthday- so I completely see this as a very special birthday gift. 

I remember excitedly telling everyone that I passed and then I hugged my daughter tight and told her mommy’s got a new job- one where I wouldn’t have to leave our house for and that gives plenty of time for me to play and spend time with her. 

I was eager to start right away- eager to start my path as a content writer. 

But it was easier said than done because I was immediately overwhelmed with the tasks. I struggled so much and I knew in myself I wasn’t doing enough. 

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system– Celeste is very approachable, always willing to help me in whatever I found difficult. Team Philippines, especially Chill, provided so much encouragement and became my go-to person. 

And where else would you find a CEO that personally checks on every employee? I’m amazed at how Deepak does it, considering just how full his plate is. 

It gave me a sense that I was really being looked after and that matters to me so much. 

Another huge factor on why I love Pearl Lemon was the culture. Everyone is hospitable- very warm and welcoming and I immediately felt at home

I told myself I’m never going to find another place like this, so I’m very thankful I’m here. 

Growing with Pearl Lemon 

I’m a few weeks away from celebrating my third month here at Pearl Lemon, but it still feels surreal. It seems as if it was only last week when I was doing my trial week, but here I am now- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

There may be struggles along the way, but knowing I’ve got a solid backup to help me get through it is enough to get me going. 

Another thing I like best here is the diversity of brands we work with. Even the internal sites- it’s always busy. Very active, which just means that it’s growing- and us along with it. 

For me, as an employee, I value growth so much, and to know that Pearl Lemon focuses on that gives me assurance that I am in the right place and with the right people. 

Living the dream

The thing I like the most about becoming a content writer is that I get to learn so much- and at the same time, share what I know in a way I best know-how. 

I familiarize myself with topics that I wouldn’t even think of researching in my everyday life. In that way, I gain knowledge. And I love it because knowledge is power. 

It’s something that cannot be taken from you. 

During my first month, I struggled to meet my weekly deadlines, but I am gradually improving with coaching and help from people who know better. 

I will continue to do so, as I see myself working for a long time in this company. 

Now I’ve developed a routine to ensure I’m meeting my weekly deadlines- even going above it now and then. And it makes me happy because that just proves that I’m getting better. 

I am living the dream- my dream, definitely, thanks to Pearl Lemon. 

The knowledge and experience I am gaining here, I’m sure I’m never going to earn anywhere else- which is what makes this whole experience a dream come true.