New Business at Pearl Lemon Group

New Business

Now, working within the New Business division with Pearl Lemon means a few things. It means you will be learning and working with both our sales experts and internal business development team.

New Business is a hybrid role that helps our business develop by bringing in new clients, helping us develop through audits and actionable improvement and potentially helping our clients improve as well.

Where Being a New Business Expert Can Take You

Working within the new business division of Pearl Lemon means you get to learn a dual skill set that can lead you down two career paths (or another hybrid role). 

You can gain the skills to become a skilled salesperson in this role. This means that you can go on to any sales position and have a nearly uncapped earning potential.

Another path you could take is that you can become more skilled in business development in a broad sense and become well versed in developing plans to grow businesses.

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Check Out Our Existing Case Studies Below

Take a look at a few of our case studies to get a sample of what you may get to do, learn and help the team with.

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