The story started

About Nick's Experience!

Im thrilled to share my journey as a Sales Accounts Executive and the progress I have made in just three months. When I first started in December 2022, I knew that there were areas where I needed to improve, but I was determined to develop my skills and make a positive impact on the team.

One of the first things I focused on was improving my organizational skills. I created a system that helped me keep track of all my contacts, discussions, and follow-ups. This made

it much easier for me to find what I needed quickly, and it saved me time that I could use for more productive tasks. In addition to organization, I also worked hard to improve my communication skills. I realized that effective communication is essential for building strong relationships and achieving success as a Sales Accounts Executive. I started actively listening to my co-employees and team members, providing thoughtful responses, and showing empathy to understand their needs and provide efficient solutions. As a result, our working relationships have improved significantly. 

Another area where I saw improvement was in my follow-up skills. In the past, I used to follow up just once and then wait for a response. However, I realized that this approach was not effective, so I started following up more consistently and proactively. This helped my co-account executives and other team members stay engaged and informed throughout their accountability to me as Sales Accounts Executive. I also became more willing to help my colleagues by offering support in areas where I excel, such as bank reconciliation, sales reconciliation, or assisting in expenses stuff. I shared new knowledge, discoveries, and best practices with my teammates to help us all improve. 

One of the most significant improvements I made was in my ability to spot-check for potential issues. I became more observant and proactive in identifying potential issues, such as the awaiting payments this quarter and incorrect accounting of money. By catching these issues early on, I was able to address them quickly and prevent larger problems down the line. I also became more accountable for my actions and held myself and others to a higher standard. 

I made sure to follow up on tasks in a timely manner, meet deadlines, and provide high-quality work. Maintaining a positive attitude, even in stressful situations, and being willing to adapt to changing circumstances was another crucial factor that contributed to my success. Through these improvements, I was able to positively impact the team. My focus on accountability and high-quality work set a positive example for my colleagues inspiring them to hold themselves accountable and strive for excellence in their own work. By demonstrating effective communication skills and actively listening to others, I helped inspire my team members to improve their communication skills as well, leading to better collaboration and teamwork.

Although I am proud of the progress I have made, I know that there is always room for growth. Moving forward, I am looking to continue developing my time management skills by prioritizing my tasks more effectively and setting specific deadlines for myself. I also want to improve my creative problem-solving skills by seeking out new perspectives from colleagues and mentors and practicing brainstorming solutions with my team. Finally, I am focusing on building deeper relationships with the Accounting team by setting aside more time for one-on-one meetings and building rapport with colleagues.

In conclusion, I am confident that I can continue to elevate my performance as a Sales Accounts Executive by focusing on these areas of improvement and taking intentional actions to develop my skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey, and I hope that my experience can inspire others to pursue their goals with determination and a willingness to improve, in just three months.