The story started

About Oni's Experience!

Hello Everyone, This is Oni!

I concluded my internship as a Research Analyst for the Pearl Lemon Group on May 21th 2021.

After completing a five-month intern program with the company, I had the opportunity to learn and grow with the help of Lead Tenny – Head of Research and management at Pearl Lemon Group.

Their Expertise in research analyst on process-based tasks, scraping data helped several people on their assignments and deadlines. 

Starting at Pearl Lemon Group

Bangladesh was hit hard with Covid-19 of March 2020.

Then, in April 2020, I had to take my final examinations, but testing was postponed due to Covid-19 and mandatory lockdown.

I travelled to my hometown for personal reasons; I spent a month studying and concentrating on academics. Eventually, I felt unhappy and wanted to learn something new with more hands-on experience.

At that time, one of my closest friends developed a website that we worked on together. We did not have any experiences and lacked effort.
I contacted my current boss, brother Mominul, to gain minimal experience writing content for websites because I needed more help and guidance. 

Then I asked myself a question, “What can I do more to develop?”

I made many decisions in my life, for better or worse—this decision to contact him was one of the best. Then my journey began with learning about writing, which I continue.

Brother Mominul used to ask me to write about a subject; as usual, I would surf the internet and direct copy information. Then he tasked me with learning Loom, where I made several mistakes, learned to solve different issues and write unique content. 

Then finally, when I completed all of the tasks he instructed, I accomplished about 13 to 15 writing content assignments and realised that my writing was good enough.

Finally, he introduced Boss Dee and me via Whatsapp, and he decided to hire me as a freelance writer for several websites.

June 2020, I started my day, writing 60 content posts per month, and was offered a salary that was way more than enough as a “Noob Writer.” 

The first month was pretty exhausting, but eventually, I kept writing; the labour felt much more accessible. And I was confident enough to double my work. Later, it seemed that the program I was in would end by this year and re-start a brand new program, so I finished all my work for December and waited for new tasks.

At that time, I needed to join an internship program for university credits. So I asked brother Mominul if I could participate in the Pearl Lemon Group program or not. 

Then I directly asked the Boss, and he provided me with a link to apply. Then I was introduced to a new intern team by the Boss and was on a seven-day trial. After that, my next opportunity was the 30-day probationary period.


My First Month at PL

My college also provided online classes once approved into the program. So I had a limited schedule availability; still, at Pearl Lemon Group’s job, I had to do some additional work for the university, but I was doing some real work with Pearl Lemon Group.

I researched directories and business pages for the primary concern of opportunities for business development.

After my membership, I could not join the very first meeting, as it was the very next day, so on 12 February, I formally joined. I was a little frightened because I was about to meet many individuals all around the globe.

Things happened so quickly. I handled several duties, which generally resulted in funnelling, research, and a few articles from numerous platforms. 

Some extremely essential advice aided me before joining the Corneliza (Nelly) team. In the first twenty days, I was finally allocated a sheet to write content.

During the first two months, Noemi and Tenny trained and mentored me personally. They helped me feel comfortable in my role and cope with new tasks, making them feel easy by the tips and instruction to use different tools, even though she was busy.

I seemed to bother them with asking different questions about tasks and asked about “this or that” – (laugh out loud). 

Akhila was available to help me all the way, and she was super friendly and was a great mentor.

It was my very first time using Whatsapp for business at this rate. Sending voice notes was not new to me, but also I held more comfort to write.

Sending Loom was quite tricky because my device had problems with the sound system as it wouldn’t record any voice. 

But sometimes I managed, and sometimes I just made a video call to share the screen and my working process.

My Last 2 Months in PL

Being closer to Pearl Lemon Group helped me concentrate and reflect on what my future wants. I enjoy writing and the remote work atmosphere we have grown to appreciate. 

Maybe I will become weary after working like this for and, frankly, I enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world!

Firms like Pearl Lemon Group, you can only get this independence. It is excellent for learning, fantastic for developing skills, and suitable for understanding your job.

Besides those profound philosophical reflections of months 4 to 5, I learned to operate the different instruments we utilise. Most of them were extensions that I didn’t even have ideas to employ.

At first, they’re sort of awkward to sail, but I believe that’s what it’s all about. The tools were a learning curve as it is with anything, but once you learn, it is pretty easy to use, and results are achieved from the material you optimise.

My last month with Pearl Lemon Group focused a lot on scraping data from different sites. I was scraping data in several sheets; the process for all was close to each other, but there were always some differences. 

The scraping was very time-consuming for me; the reason was not the tasks but my lousy internet connection.

During the pandemic, I had to move to my home village, and the provider could not provide the amount of data speed needed.
That is why using the most straightforward tool may take more time to load; it’s better than sitting around. 

I was looking at the screen at the mercy of the internet. But Tenny, Lokesh, and Akhila were always very considerate about this. 

They understood my problem and asked me to complete the task whenever it felt more comfortable.

I don’t know why the internet speed was much faster at night. I had many nights to stay awake late to take a chance to finish my assignments

But overall, it was a great chance to cope with the resources you have at that very moment.

Wrapping Up

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience at Pearl Lemon Group!

I’ve been heard and recognised as a Research Analyst. I have had the most appropriate professional experience that met my demands and wishes. 

I was able to demonstrate my talents by handling different customer campaigns directly.

I could learn and grow from errors. I was surrounded by hard-working people who encouraged me for the better. 

This employment has given me more trust in creative sources.

Although I feel sad to leave, I know that I’m highly interested in the next chapter of my life. 

But I will continue to study and improve myself further to open up new options. I’m not sure what’s next for me!

I hope you can feel this and I can’t wait to see you next!