The story started

About Blessed's Experience!

Hiya! I am Blessed Oseke and I want to share with you a brief insight on how I got to work with Pearl Lemon and the experience so far.

Almost 2 months ago, I was left unemployed and unmotivated due to some personal problems, but could still work out a little bit of work enthusiasm to put in some job seeking efforts late at night. 

So you can already imagine; I was sleepy, tired, exhausted and didn’t really have much hope whenever I was sending out my résumé, cover letter or work samples in the dead of the night.

In summary, I was totally out of my element but once I saw that freakishly bright yellow logo I instantly knew there was something about it.

So I went on researching and found out so much more about Pearl Lemon that I told myself I’d literally die if I don’t get this job 😀

So I did everything as told for the hiring process and even though I’m not religious, I prayed.

The roller coaster of insecurities, negative anticipation, and lack of motivation was quickly swept away when I got a reply from HR  and today I am happy and proud to be part of this team.

Unlike my previous jobs, PL managed to make me feel so confident and comfortable to dedicate myself towards helping the company grow.

The work environment (even though virtual) is spot on and I couldn’t ask for more understanding, refreshing and helpful colleagues.

I haven’t been much of a fan of full-time work but Pearl Lemon is the only company that has made me feel less of an employee and more of family. 

And who doesn’t wanna be part of a work family where the CEO is a cool tatted cat and coffee lover.

For every worker, adapting to a new environment and team can be tricky but Pearl Lemon managed to quickly take away the jitters and had me easing into my role smoothly and gently.

Pearl Lemon has everything from highly interactive and friendly colleagues, free beneficial educational loom videos, supportive boss and the satisfaction I get knowing that I can finally be happy growing this company with everyone else.