What’s New?

Sales and Marketing

This week, I branched out from writing my regular guest posts into marketing and sales. I’ve been working specifically with lead generation for Pearl Lemon Leads. 

When there was a need for someone to take over a specific lead generation campaign, I volunteered to help. 

I think I offered to help because I needed a change of pace and I also wanted to try something new for this week.

It was an opportunity for me to understand how to do copywriting for sales purposes and communicate with prospective clients. 

The lead generation side of Pearl Lemon is very complex and full of intense learning curves. It took many hours for me to go through the basic training to understand how day-to-day things work. 

I can’t say that I’m finally an expert at lead generation. However, I can say that I know how to run a lead generation campaign (which is pretty cool if you ask me).

Generally speaking, this has been a good change of pace from my regular routine. For the next few weeks, I’ll be conducting internal lead generation tasks on a daily basis for a few hours per day. This will help me and the team stay in touch with prospects in a timely manner. 

Aside from running my first lead generation campaign, I’ve been working closely with Federica and Giulia to launch Pearl Lemon Academy. The process has been complex, yet enjoyable because of the great team I’m working with. 

It’s a good opportunity to brainstorm, research, and find innovative solutions that could benefit our future students. This developmental stage causes me to look back at my own experiences when I was first starting out as a writer. 

I have to ask myself, “what helped me land my first client?” And “what skills do I wish I’d developed sooner?” The answers to these questions are used to tailor a program for writers to build their own writing business and make money online. 

It is quite exciting to see this all unfold because it looks like Pearl Lemon Academy will expand to other fields like PR, business development, and sales as well. 

I like to grow with an organization and that’s exactly what I feel is going on right now. So this makes me more motivated to work and to produce better content. 

Next week, I look forward to seeing how far we go in developing the Pearl Lemon Academy programs. 

I also kind of enjoy lead generation, so I’m going to spend more time mastering my sales skills which I could eventually translate into my copywriting. 

Overall, it’s been a productive week (as always). I love that I’m still feeling challenged and my mind is continuously being stretched!