Pearl Lemon Cafe

Pearl Lemon Cafe is our first food and beverage brand. From there, we formed Pearl Lemon Boba, acquired How Matcha, and then came Pearl Lemon Catering & Pearl Lemon Juice.

We know, it’s a lot– and that’s what makes it more fantastic!

We are a rapidly growing and expanding cafe company that is working on taking over London. So, why don’t you be part of it?

Why Pearl Lemon Cafe and Where It Can Take You

Pearl Lemon Cafe is the heart of our food and beverage branch. Under Pearl Lemon Cafe Ltd you can find How Matcha, Pearl Lemon Boba, Pearl Lemon Catering and Pearl Lemon Juice.

Within these individual locations you can learn the art of preparing matcha drinks and lattes, the perfect milk tea, crafting the best fresh pressed juices and all the nuisances of running a cafe or catering business.

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Your potential colleagues and mentors here would also be helping you to improve your confidence in talking to people, perfecting your craft, and giving better service.

You may also get involved with our franchise operation; learning how to form a franchise and build documentation to help boost the expansion of our physical businesses.

It is a fast paced environment that has no two days or events that are the same!

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Check out what we serve and what we do here in our cafes!


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