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Pearl Lemon PR

Our PR division was designed specifically to work hand in hand with the SEO team and content writing team. It is the best of both worlds AND functions by building and maintaining strong relationships.

Pearl Lemon PR and Where It Can Take You

If you enjoy a highly competitive niche where connections are key, PR is for you! 

Working with our PR team will help you learn the ins and outs of the best reputation management, media relations, content marketing, and PR leading strategies. Pearl Lemon PR is the premier place for you to get the hands on experience any traditional school course lacks.

Becoming a PR expert means you will get to learn how to build relationships with journalists, craft pitches, develop strategies for success and more. 

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PLPl collage

Not only that, but taking this career path within the Pearl Lemon Placement program means you will get to work with us on our PR AND work with our clients and help develop their PR strategy.

We’re telling you, nothing beats a hands-on experience when it comes to honing your PR knowedge and skills.

Check Out Our Existing PR Case Studies Below

Take a look at a few of our case studies to get a sample of what you may get to do, learn and help the team with.

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