Placement Update #2 – Tamara (Content Writer)

Source: Unsplash


I have officially started my second month as a content writer with Pearl Lemon, and saying that still feels unreal. As I wrote in my previous update, I am still learning new things every single day, and my workload is constantly increasing, giving me more and more opportunities to write. 



Last month, in terms of workload, I think it was a bit more manageable; however, that could partly be put down to circumstances in my personal life, rather than Pearl Lemon. 


I feel I utilised the feedback I was given, especially when I consider the quality of my first drafts now compared to my first month. 


I have also learnt not to be afraid of using tools. Typically I would steer clear of extensions or software as I felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume, but having access to some of the Pearl Lemon tools has made me realise how valuable they can be when producing content.


What I’ve Been Doing

My tasks still include writing for various clients with different requirements and deadlines, but I have also been writing for one of Pearl Lemon’s internal sites. Initially, I thought client writing would still be my favourite form of writing. However, I am finding the internal site writing a lot of fun, especially as the topic is something I did not have prior experience writing about.


Comparing myself and my writing to just last month, I feel so confident about what I am producing and publishing. My writing portfolio grows daily, which I know will only help me in my journey as a writer. 


The Team 

I have recently been promoted in my other job, so timing-wise, the past couple of weeks have been pretty intense for me, but the team are so supportive and always there if I need a helping hand. 


The team are not only incredibly supportive but also a great source of inspiration and education. I am constantly inspired by the talented people I get to work with, and I am learning from them daily. It’s also crazy to think that we are all dotted around the world and yet come together for the sake of creating content for Pearl Lemon. 


I love it. 


Going Forward

Going forward in my Pearl Lemon placement, I aim to keep writing at a high and consistent level. I look forward to my schedule returning to normal after my busy few weeks and providing more and more articles and posts. 


I also have a personal target of improving my optimisation skills, which I can see I am already doing, but I know this is an area I can work on to create better quality content for the team. 


Final Thoughts 


Overall, this month has been a lot more intense for me, but I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who are rooting for me and happy to offer tips when I am overwhelmed. I know I am improving, and seeing this is incredibly rewarding for me, especially in my journey as a writer throughout this process and hopefully afterwards.