The story started

About Saurav's Experience!

Hello everyone. This is Saurav Sahoo. Would you believe that I’m now nearly 2 months into my excursion here at Pearl Lemon as an SEO executive. Time just goes by. Despite the fact that I’m not exactly certain when my experience with the organization will end, I’m glad to say that I’ve been a part of a particularly unique and comprehensive group throughout the previous 2 months. I’ve taken in significant knowledge, connected with individuals from one side of the planet to the other, and acquired a portion of the abilities that I trust will drive me into what’s in store. To say that my time here has been a hurricane would be putting it mildly! There’s generally another test and an amazing chance to work for something or the other always. So with this, let’s get into it!

The first one week was quite overwhelming as it was more of a trial period. Kamran assigned me with the Web 2.0 work and I must say even if I knew some of this work earlier still I learned a lot in that first week. It was undoubtedly hectic as I had my studies in the first half of the day. Being completely remote and having people from all different time zones is challenging, isn’t it! I made a lot of mistakes, but that’s what is best about Pearl Lemon. There are many chances given to you to prove yourself. Kamran guided me and is still guiding me a lot in my journey with Pearl Lemon. He taught me how to create blogs quickly and avoid plagiarism for Web 2.0. I also worked with Shreyas for directory submissions and business listings and he too was a great help and guide. Despite the fact that we all are in different time zones there is always someone or the other to help me out with everything. I like the fact that my work is always acknowledged here. For instance, once Deepak messaged in whatsapp group to give 20 genuine reviews on How Matcha. I did it instantly and got acknowledged and rewarded as well. This shows how ethical its work culture is. 

The closeness of the entire staff at Pearl Lemon Group is yet another outstanding quality. The weekly call that the corporation has every Friday afternoon is one of the primary causes of this. I find it to be rather impressive, even for a somewhat tiny business. I particularly appreciate the lack of distinctions between those employed in various fields or industries. The employees at the company are all very kind and pleasant. This brought home to me how crucial a company’s culture is. The team does a great job of selecting individuals who will contribute to a pleasant but active environment.

Pearl Lemon Group is a digital marketing agency that truly includes all the beliefs of a grassroots organization and all the enchantment and untidiness that comes with that. In spite of the fact that it is quickly developing and altering, the company values its representatives over all other things and the outright humankind that streams between their associations. It’s a place where the unpracticed can come to look for an instruction, and where the specialists can come to construct their possessions. Deepak’s methods of insight around life and commerce really come from a wide run of life encounters, which make them distant, more relatable and viable than in case they were to slip from between the pages of a book. It’s his drive and energy that truly pulls the company together and gives all the other individuals in the group a heading and reason.

I don’t know what’s in store for me in the future but as long as I am with this company I will make sure I am contributing much more than what I am contributing now. Learning is a continuous process and I will continue to learn and grow with this humble bunch of people. I hope next time when I write my story I would have proven myself as to why I deserve a place here. See you soon!!!!