The story started

About Stephen's Experience!

Hi, I’m Stephen. I started around the end of February 2022  and am happy to say that I have been with Pearl Lemon for almost a year. My role is a game developer and we’re working to create games in Roblox and Unity. 

Here’s how I started in Pearl Lemon. I saw the job post at and went ahead and forwarded my resume. I have no experience in developing games but I’ve played online/offline games ever since I was a child. I didn’t really have confidence that I would get accepted but I sent it nonetheless because it is what I want to do. This is my dream job!

There was a trial period of 3 days so I researched everything I needed to do the task given to me, which was creating a simple mini-game of Obby in Roblox.

I am grateful for Pearl Lemon as even though I was inexperienced in the field, they still gave me the role. Maybe they saw my ideas as crazy or perhaps I am passionate about what I do! I am working with great teammates and welcoming comrades here. I’m happy to learn and grow with them!

 Now, I’m the head of the game development team and we’re working towards the goal of creating a game studio! I have grown into this career when I started from zero and now I can confidently say I have the knowledge. Our CEO Deepak inspires me to achieve, strive, and be more passionate about what I do. I’ve grown confident in my work because of the wonderful people here at Pearl Lemon. This may sound over the top if you’re reading this but for me, Pearl Lemon is the best to grow professionally and personally!