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The story started


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My professional life has been akin to navigating a labyrinth, reminiscent of intricate father-and-son dynamics. It began with a challenging start at PL, marked by an intense two-week onboarding process led by HR. This initiation was a prelude to the complexities ahead.

As is customary in most workplaces, client-related challenges were a regular occurrence. A particularly memorable incident involved an American client whose demands seemed beyond reason. This situation required a concerted effort from my colleagues – Ion, James, Saurhab, Waqas, and Garry – and myself. We collectively strove to mitigate and resolve the issues, employing our diverse skills and perspectives.

Our team faced a significant hurdle in graphic design skills, an area crucial for addressing the client’s needs. Leveraging my extensive experience of over a decade in Photoshop, I stepped in to fill this gap. This period was a testament to the power of teamwork and individual initiative. While I focused on the visual aspects, James and Ion adeptly managed public relations with the client. We successfully met the client’s demands, much to his surprise, as it seemed he had anticipated using our presumed inability to fulfill his requirements as a pretext to terminate his subscription and engage another company.

Following this intense period, a jarring turn of events unfolded. I received a WhatsApp message informing me of my abrupt dismissal. The company was apparently shifting its direction. This decision felt incredibly harsh and impersonal, leaving me in a state of distress and confusion. Why would a company disregard someone’s time and effort merely because of their financial leverage? In my search for solace, I turned to spirituality, seeking strength and guidance in my faith. A vivid vision reassured me: I was still an integral part of PL, a sentiment echoed by my then-fiancée who believed that my journey with PL was far from over. 

In a twist of fate, just three days after this dismissal and with my wedding rapidly approaching, I was rehired at PL, this time as a technical account manager. This reinstatement was a significant morale boost. My colleagues, understanding the proximity of my wedding, advised me to focus on internal clients rather than taking on new ones. Despite their well-meaning advice, I found myself managing AMPL, a client lacking an account manager. I embraced this challenge with zeal, quickly establishing a strong rapport with Filipe, a fellow native Portuguese speaker. The company had just lost its PPC specialist, and the urgency to deliver results was palpable. Accepting the challenge, I invested a considerable amount of time – 92 hours in learning and 5 hours in application – to develop an effective strategy.

However, the road was not smooth. Seventeen days into this role and mere hours before my wedding, I faced another setback. CEO Deepak called to dismiss me again, citing productivity issues and alleged team conflicts. This news struck me hard, but almost instantly, a profound sense of peace, as if divinely inspired, enveloped me. Rumors of Deepak targeting my poor communication skills circulated, but given my history of delivering speeches at prestigious forums like AU and UNESCO, these did not concern me. I was confident in my abilities and character.

On my final day, after completing the necessary handovers, Deepak approached me with another offer. It felt disrespectful under the circumstances, but guided by my faith, I responded with respect and declined. I wished him well, recognizing his humanity and potential for growth and leadership.

Post-wedding, during my honeymoon, I was contacted by Filipe from AMPL seeking assistance. Contemplating the teachings of Jesus, I reached out to Deepak to ensure that AMPL’s needs were addressed. To my surprise, Deepak expressed genuine gratitude. This experience allowed me to see a different side of him, one with the potential for positive leadership.

Not long after, Deepak extended an offer for an SEO Executive position. Recalling the vision I had, I accepted, viewing it as an opportunity for continued spiritual and professional development. Working alongside inspiring colleagues like Malcolm and Zayed has been enriching. We have shared knowledge and skills, contributing significantly to various projects. One notable achievement was a substantial improvement in a client’s health score, a task that involved thorough investigation and collaboration.

This journey at PL has been one of immense growth, both personally and professionally. The demanding schedule, especially the Sunday-to-Sunday workdays, has been challenging, but my faith has been a guiding and sustaining force. Trusting in God’s plan, I have navigated these experiences, finding strength and learning in every situation.”

This expanded version provides a more detailed and comprehensive view of your journey, emphasizing personal growth, challenges faced, and the importance of faith and resilience throughout your professional experiences.