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Hi my name is Keaton and I am a full time video editor at Pearl Lemon, I will talk about my overall experience at pearl lemon and The things I have learned and improved at pearl lemon.

So as I said I am a full time video editor at Pearl Lemon. I edit all the Deepak Shukla’s Youtube Content which includes Youtube Shorts and Youtube Long form Content. I have been working at pearl lemon for about 2 and a half months now and the experience at pearl lemon has been quite

Before I started working at Pearl Lemon I was a freelance video editor in South Africa, I studied cinematography and Editing at a college called Orms school of photography and I did a year course studying and editing specifically in the social media industry. After I Finished my studies I then went on to work as a freelance video editor for a few years, and it really went well but Covid really weakened the industry for a few years so after working for a few years as a freelance video editor I decided to look for permanent work and that is how I stumbled upon Pearl Lemon.

I applied for the job and started working at pearl lemon immediately the next week and it has been a great experience. I was put on the social media team overlooking and editing all of Deepak Shukla’s content like YouTube videos, YouTube shorts and for all Pearl Lemons other channels.

My experience has been great and I thoroughly enjoyed working on the content as I had lots of experience in this field. One thing that I will say while I was a freelance video editor There was never really any structure towards my work as I was working Whenever and I never really had a set schedule to around my work, But working at pearl lemon taught me discipline in having set schedule when working even though they give you the flexibility to however you want to complete work throughout the week as long as you are delivering as doing your job, so working at pearl lemon helped build that discipline in my work schedule.

I also discovered lots of editing techniques and how to prioritise different edits to what needs to be done in that week so overall working at pearl lemon has built a better working structure for me in terms of video editing I have also learnt a lot of wisdom at pearl lemon as Deepak has a daily reading and talks about the books he has read and throughout my working experience I gained knowledge on things I would never expect so that is something I really admire working at pearl Lemon and deepak sharing his knowledge and wisdom to everyone at Pearl Lemon.

Everything at Pearl Lemon Is remote so that is a plus because it gives that flexibility working from home. You’ll be working and communicating with people from all over the world as the People working at Pearl lemon are very diverse and I genuinely love that.
That is my experience as a video editor at pearl Lemon, You would not regret working at Pearl Lemon I can vouch that.