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My journey at Pearl Lemon

As soon as I was onboarded, it was a little overwhelming as I was thrown into the deep end.

I had to learn quickly, watch the training videos, master the processes, and procedures in the Client deliverables Sheet, and get to know who is at the company, all the while working on client work.

As this was all happening, I had a lot of support from Abigale and James and the many meetings with Mayur and Mo. If I remember correctly, the first client I ever worked on had to send some blog content recommendations or their specific keywords. 

While in the handover process, I then moved on to working with other clients, there I had to complete the online reputation management for them, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn recommendations.

I was now expanding and working on more and more clients, I thought it would be best if I did an SEO audit for all sites to see their health and understand their technical needs and how to build a strategy to help them get great commercial results. 

As the team grew and had people like Zayd and David, great teammates, learning a lot from each other we tackled projects that the clients had messed up, who created a blog on Chat GPT and broke his internal linking, so we had to remove broken links on more than 200 blogs, and update the broken links.

There we were able to restore the site health from 51 to 75, our goal is to still reach 80 but work has been paused due the client not communicating back. 

Another client that I would consider a happy client our goal for them is to help them rank number one or the keyword “Youth Marketing Agency” I sent some recommendations that would help them to do that, as well as helped index their site or pages they where not able to rank or such as “Research Agency” and “Brand agency” or them we just need to build more backlinks and increase domain authority and they will surely rank number one or their focus keywords. 

For the next client recently we sent them blog recommendations that will not only help with increasing traffic to their website, but we also recommended blogs that match with their YouTube content so they can get traffic to their site, that is currently in the works but I positive o their results. 

Another american company is quite an interesting client who likes to add pages to their site and has no links to them, which is bad for SEO because this increases orphan pages, but we created a workaround solution where we create a blog article or each page then link it from the blog. Preventing Orphan pages from the site.