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About michael obriene's Experience!

Hello Everyone,

Michael here, Current Head of Ecommerce for the Pearl Lemon Group. Pearl lemon is a diverse asyncrhonous agency that specializes in numerous fields of services such as SEO, Lead Generation, Ecommerce, Web Development, Game Development, and many many more.

At the time of writing this ( August 2023) I’m almost to 6 months of working here at Pearl Lemon. It’s been a blast as it’s been daily work on achieving progress, overcoming obstacles, and pushing forward the boundaries to keep growing revenue and overall ecommerce growth for the company. It’s been a daily battle yet a pleasurable one, as I love remote work and the agencies culture is one of growth and hustling yet also fair and reasonable. There are some places I’ve worked that want hustle but are unreasonable, and other’s that don’t really care to hustle and it feels stale. Pearl Lemon at it’s core want’s everyone and everything to grow, which in return helps the agency grow. It’s an inside growing out philosophy of which I really subscribe to.

I wanted to write a short brief as to my experience with Pearl Lemon UK’s Best and Fastest Growing Agency in my brief almost 6 months of working here. There’s really so much to talk about and I’m sure I’ll miss a lot, so please take my word with a grain of salt! I think if you’re considering a remote position where you matter and can grow and learn with it, you should consider a position at Pearl Lemon.

The first month:

I was essentially defining the role, as far as what stores to build out and what products to test, I entered Pearl Lemon and brought the stores instantly into daily revenue and my goal was to scale out more products and stores, while also growing the team out with training them on their specific focus to accelerate ecommerce growth. So I had multi layered tasks of not only the core work of media buying and all things related to ecommerce such as store developement, but I also had a role in Human Resources and training up processes and the team to do their roles better. Many workers came in to work under me and ecommerce and for example they might be a graphic designer, but not specific to a product page or home page of an ecommerce store, so I had to tailor their thinking and processes of how they worked and show them the mentality and perspective to have when dealing with ecommerce. A stock photo might be ok on someone’s normal blog that is just to be filler content, but for ecommerce we have a psychological aspects for Conversion rate optimization that we must also consider and tailor our graphic strategies as such.

Remote work has it’s Pros and Cons.

The Pros are the obvious, freedom, you can work from your laptop while sipping a nice Vanilla Latte. The Cons are, you will sink or swim based on things like personal accountability, initiative, and communication skills. For many people they just can’t subconsciously get to a point of over communicating, and that’s ok, but remote work isn’t going to bode well for them. You need to overcommunicate, and also in text we assume the worst naturally, we have to learn to assume the best of someone’s connotations and this benefits all. Also You have to be self driven, I work essentially daily and am around online, this is important not only for media buying but for remote work, If you’re alreay doing this you will excel at any career but it also requires some lifestyle design. I fit the pearl lemon culture well as there are many remote members so it felt natural to come in and use tools like zoom and whatsapp to start communicating. I really love remote work, and for the philosophical reason of it forces you to be on your game and grow. It’s easy if you want to just not work, and be lazy, if you have some kind of office job where you throw up netflix, but because you are present it seems you are there and working. In remote work your work is obvious, because if you don’t submit and do the work we all have that transparency. It’s very clear if ads aren’t running, or if a product page isn’t done, etc, so remote work forces you to say, I need to have lifestyle design around my life in order to be productive and have a workflow that I can daily and continually churn out and produce quality work. It forces myself and other Pearl Lemon team members to say, what does the flow look like where I can output quality work and how can I do that. For me that might be espresso shot and a very clean work area with focus and having the right tabs open, so I can sit and get done what takes several people in a few hours, taking me 1 hour. It might look like learning to do my job better with automations and possibly integrating machine learning libraries or the famous Chat GPT in order to possibly automate grunt work so I can focus on the human work side of critical thinking. These are some of the daily ponderings of a remote worker at Pearl Lemon, it might seem exhaustive to some, but after a while, it will make your career and your pay anywhere ini the world only go up.

Second and Third Months:

More and More traction being reached in ecommerce, from tests at 100 a day upwards of 500 a day plus. I was testing more creatives daily as well as growing up the team. Team started with about 1 VA who was really another role and who came in to support me as I simply don’t have 20 hours a day to all the small intricate things. this was super helpful and got us to targets quicker. We were setting up all the things like how to create and setup a product properly, payments, pixels, store automation, fulfillment, all kinds of ecommerce processes I already had tons of experience with and getting that smoothened out for us at Pearl Lemon. More products were tested and other winners found. To this day several winners remain running daily with profitable revenue.

Some of my daily skills/work in Ecommerce role was:

Media Buying
Data Analytics
Product Research
Management and training in roles such as graphic design, video creatives, virtual assistant, shopify store design and development, etc. Certain aspects of ecommerce we needed specific roles to ensure that ocmponent was being done and I aided in training up those roles while doing the media buying and other tasks myself. Overall I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the work and expand out Pearl Lemon’s Ecommerce Department, there is simpily so much potential.

I really do so many roles I’m forgetting some, name something like fulfillment or product research in China and I’ve done it. My job was setting up a lean team to do these things without anything breaking, and to maintain the inertia forward of more sales and produdcts and growing that over time. More product and then product lines around them, while maintaining constant creative testing every single day and media buying and managing the accounts and stores.


Pearl lemon although I’m a late joiner compared to other members of the team, appears to have greatly appreciated their human capital. What I mean is there are very skilled members and the results and the skills of the members are simply increasing. There are some talented people here. I’ve seen amazing results in other departments such as SEO and Lead Generation as well as going 0 to 6 figure sales in ecommerce from scrath on stores. I hope to grow and learn from other departments as well and we all can grow and earn more together. As a review system an easy 5 stars. I’ve worked some toxic remote work in the past and team members were treated as completely disposable. If you had 1 issue or you produced a bunch of revenue the responses would be met with silence. Ultimately for some of the past work this actually harmed the company and some closed down later on after many workers left. I think it’s clear that Pearl Lemon’s culture is working and it’s only growing. The team members are getting better, the results better, growth in numerous departments, overall the success is irrefutable. I can see it being a massive group in UK eventually.


I’d close that the culture feels fun, learning, fast paced, and overall positive. Definitely need some internal strength and to be a self starter, but if you can grind, it’s really an awesome agency/group! it’s one of the best cultures of a company I’ve ever worked for. It’s very hard to keep the work not only fun, but feel you have support from all the way up to the boss. Deepak as well as the upper management actually cares. everyone really strives to do well. I hope to continue working at Pearl Lemon for years to come and keep growing the ecommerce brands over time into large brands we all have swiped and purchased from on our phones.

Ecommerce; Ending Thoughts:

If you’re interested in ecommerce and one of the roles I’d be happy to speak with you. Whether that UGC/creatives of videos, graphic design, virtual assistant for uploading products and working with the apps and reviews, product research, media buying on tiktok and/or meta. There are roles open and we’d love to have you. Warriors who work daily and want to work on something that grows like myself please reach out to us.