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The story started


Hello there, I’m Muhammad Haseeb, and I’m thrilled to share my exceptional journey during the past 3 + months working with Pearl Lemon Company. In my role as an SEO Executive, I’ve had the privilege of being a valuable member of an extraordinary team led by the visionary founder, Deepak Shukla.

Company Overview:

Pearl Lemon Company, founded by Deepak Shukla, stands out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of digital marketing. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality services and its reputation for innovation within the industry were key factors that attracted me to become a part of this dynamic team.

1st Month: Stepping into the World of SEO at Pearl Lemon

Joining as an Intern

In the initial phase of my journey at Pearl Lemon, I embarked on my professional path as an SEO Intern. This period was marked by a steep learning curve, where I was introduced to the intricate world of search engine optimization. My onboarding into the company was a blend of excitement and anticipation, as I looked forward to contributing to and learning from a team known for its expertise in digital marketing.

First Task: Web 2.0 Submissions

My introduction to the practical aspects of SEO began with my first assignment, which was entrusted to me by Saurav Sahoo, a knowledgeable and experienced member of the Pearl Lemon team. The task was focused on Web 2.0 submissions, a fundamental SEO strategy that involves creating content on various web platforms to build backlinks and enhance online presence.

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Daily Responsibilities and Learning

Throughout the first month, my primary responsibility revolved around performing 15 to 20 Web 2.0 submissions daily. This task, though seemingly straightforward, was crucial for understanding the nuances of link-building and content placement in the digital space. Each submission was an opportunity to learn about different platforms, understand how backlinks contribute to SEO, and develop content that aligns with the overarching marketing strategies of our clients.

Growth and Reflection

This month was not just about the execution of tasks; it was a period of significant professional growth. The repetitive nature of the task allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of consistency and attention to detail in SEO. Working under the guidance of Saurav Sahoo, I was able to appreciate the strategic thinking that goes into each aspect of SEO, from choosing the right platforms for submission to crafting content that resonates with the target audience.

As I reflect on my first month at Pearl Lemon, it’s evident that this experience laid a solid foundation for my understanding of SEO. The hands-on approach to learning, combined with the supportive and knowledgeable environment, made this initial phase both challenging and immensely rewarding.

2nd Month: Advancing in SEO and Integrating with the Team at Pearl Lemon

Continuation of Web 2.0 Submissions

As I stepped into the second month of my journey with Pearl Lemon, my responsibilities continued to revolve around Web 2.0 submissions. Having spent a month mastering the basics, I was now more adept at identifying effective platforms and crafting content that was both engaging and SEO-friendly. This ongoing task allowed me to refine my skills further and understand the more subtle aspects of link-building strategies.

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Engaging in Team Meetings

A significant development during this month was my involvement in internal SEO team meetings. These sessions, which included interactions with Deepak Shukla and other senior team members, were enlightening. They provided a broader perspective on the company’s SEO strategies and objectives. Participating in these discussions allowed me to see the bigger picture of how my work with Web 2.0 submissions fitted into Pearl Lemon’s overall SEO framework.

Learning from Deepak Shukla and Team

Interacting with Deepak Shukla and the experienced SEO professionals in these meetings was an invaluable experience. Deepak’s insights into the SEO industry, combined with the team’s shared experiences, significantly enhanced my understanding of advanced SEO tactics and strategies. These meetings were not just about receiving instructions; they were interactive, engaging, and full of learning opportunities.

Transitioning to a Full-Time Role

The most notable milestone of my second month at Pearl Lemon was the transition from an intern to a full-time SEO Executive. This transition was a recognition of my dedication and the skills I had developed over the past two months. It marked a new chapter in my professional journey, promising more responsibilities, learning, and opportunities for growth.

3rd Month: Diving Deeper into Client-Focused SEO at Pearl Lemon 

Expanding Responsibilities to Client Sites

Entering the third month of my tenure at Pearl Lemon, my role evolved to encompass more intensive and diverse SEO tasks, particularly focused on client sites. This phase marked a significant shift from my initial responsibilities, moving towards direct involvement with client projects like Enness, Lina, and others. This transition not only reflected the trust Pearl Lemon placed in my capabilities but also provided a platform to apply and expand my SEO skills in real-world scenarios.

Engaging in Comprehensive Link Building Strategies

One of the core aspects of my work during this period was executing link-building tasks across various client websites. These tasks were not limited to simple backlink creation; they involved a strategic approach to enhance each client’s online presence. The diversity of clients and their unique requirements presented a challenging yet enriching experience, allowing me to tailor strategies to different industry standards and audience segments.

Implementing Advanced SEO Techniques

The work I undertook involved a range of advanced SEO techniques. This included managing brand networks, which required a deep understanding of how to leverage brand assets to improve search visibility. Additionally, I was responsible for PDF submissions and social bookmarking tasks. These activities were crucial in building a robust link profile for each client, contributing to their overall SEO performance.

Learning Through Real-World Applications

Each task with client sites offered a learning opportunity. Whether it was through navigating the specifics of each client’s industry or understanding the nuances of different link-building techniques, this hands-on experience was invaluable. It helped me understand the practical implications of SEO strategies and their impact on real businesses.

Reflections on the Third Month

As I reflect on my third month at Pearl Lemon, I recognize it as a period of significant professional growth and contribution. The shift to client-focused tasks allowed me to apply my learning in a more impactful way. The diversity of the tasks, along with the responsibility of directly influencing client success, was both challenging and rewarding. This month solidified my role as a key member of the SEO team and demonstrated the effectiveness of Pearl Lemon’s approach to employee growth and client success.

Now, Still Going

I’m a little over 3 months now working at Pearl Lemon, getting close to 4, and I’m still going strong. Being with a company like this can be very hard work, but for someone whose job life has just begun, and the number of opportunities they give you, it’s safe to say it’s worth it.