The story started

About Naomi's Experience!


Hi There, my name is Naomi Rangiah, I’m 26 years old and I am from South Africa. I am currently a Legal Intern here at Pearl Lemon, a prestigious Digital Marketing remote company specialising in and providing top-notch services across various departments. This month, August 2023 marks my third month at Pearl Lemon, and I cannot help but reflect on the exceptionally fruitful experience I have had thus far. Allow me to delve more into the intriguing aspects of my work and the profound impact it has had on my personal and professional growth.


Job Role and Contributions


I have actually come across Pearl Lemon on Linkedin. One of the internal recruiters was recruiting for a specific role so I reached out to her. At that time I was earnestly on the job hunt and not only would I send in my applications but I would also personally reach out to the firm itself or recruiter just to get a bit more insight. And this was the case with Pearl Lemon as well. I got in touch with the recruiter, she was kind and accommodating enough to explain everything to me. And once we both were in alignment, we went through the application process, I submitted all relevant documents, completed all the relevant assessments tasks and here I am now! A successful Legal Intern candidate at Pearl Lemon.


Just a bit of context of what my function as a Legal Intern here at Pearl Lemon actually entails. As a Legal Intern, I work within the legal department which is still under development and some of the main tasks that I carry out is conducting extensive research, reviewing documentation sent in by clients and also the drafting of legal letters and contracts. I must say that I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a wide range of responsibilities that have helped cultivate and showcase my legal skills. From assisting with drafting contracts and agreements to conducting comprehensive legal research, my work has been nothing short of exciting and enriching thus far. Recently we have also integrated a bit into PR Pitching from a legal stance, so that is exciting. We are still in the process of familiarising ourselves with that aspect, but so far, so good!


Outstanding Company Culture


When I think about Pearl Lemon, the first thing that comes to mind is how different it is from other organisations. But when I say ‘different’, I mean ‘different’ in a good way.

One aspect that truly sets Pearl Lemon apart from other organisations is its incredible company culture. Our firm has employees from all over the world on board, just to name a few would include, The UK, USA, Philippines, India, Pakistan and South Africa. I love this dynamic of the firm, because I feel that it is inclusive and affords people an amazing opportunity and chance . Despite being a remote company, the team has effortlessly fostered a supportive, dynamic, and inclusive work environment. 

From the outset, I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel like an integral part of the Pearl Lemon family. The leadership actively encourages collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect among colleagues, which has significantly enhanced both my productivity and job satisfaction. Pearl Lemon truly embodies the phrase of “work hard, play hard,”  which creates an atmosphere that engenders creativity and enthusiasm.


Embracing Remote Work


The remote nature of the company is yet another remarkable feature that contributes to its success and this is something I enjoy very much. Pearl Lemon has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of remote work, offering its employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. This adaptability allows for a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that my personal obligations can seamlessly coexist with my professional commitments. The organisation has also invested in cutting-edge technology and platforms to ensure efficient flow of remote collaboration, enabling seamless communication and workflow management.


Supportive and Collaborative Colleagues


The colleagues at Pearl Lemon are undoubtedly the backbone of this remarkable organisation. The team is composed of highly talented individuals who not only excel in their respective roles but also go above and beyond to support one another. Whenever I have faced challenges or needed guidance, my colleagues have consistently displayed their willingness to assist, offering valuable advice and insight. I must give some credit to one of my colleagues with whom I work very closely with in the legal department, Joshua (Legal Consultant) has been very patient with me and has supported me tremendously by taking me through the processes within our department in a fair pace and providing me with feedback and guidelines that have only helped me grow as a personal professionally. I also want to highlight the amazing support that we receive from our HR and Accountability Manager. They are always there to assist whenever we have a difficulty and ensure that everything is taken care of and sorted out efficiently. This culture of teamwork has therefore created a supportive network within the team, fostering an environment that encourages continuous learning and growth. This makes me proud to be a part of the Pearl Lemon Family.


Personal and Professional Growth


Working at Pearl Lemon thus far has provided me with invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. The organisation has a strong emphasis on employee development, offering numerous training programs and resources to enhance skills and knowledge, with that being said , our Founder Deepak Shukla, has made numerous training videos that has truly helped enhance our communication skills, how we ought to engage with clients and how to just upskill ourselves in an effective way. This emphasis has thus empowered me to expand my legal expertise, enabling me to tackle complex projects with confidence and proficiency. Moreover, the leadership at Pearl Lemon leads by example, offering guidance and mentorship, which has immeasurably contributed to my growth both personally and professionally, which I am very grateful for.




In conclusion, my experience thus far at Pearl Lemon has been nothing short of extraordinary. The dynamic and fulfilling nature of my work, coupled with the remarkable company culture, has laid the foundation for immense personal and professional growth. As a Legal Intern, I have had the privilege of contributing to the success of this remarkable organisation while simultaneously expanding my skills and expanding my knowledge base. With that being said, I would also like to mention that prior to joining Pearl Lemon, I was not the most ‘Technically Inclined’ person out there, but given the opportunity to work here has really expanded my technical skills and afforded me the opportunity to be exposed to apps that aid in effective optimization. Pearl Lemon’s commitment to remote work and its emphasis on collaboration and employee support are truly commendable. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such exceptional colleagues, who do not only inspire me but have also become an invaluable part of my professional journey. Within a space of 3 months, I have learnt and grasped so much, I can not imagine how much more I will acquire as time goes on. I am very excited and expectant for my future here at Pearl Lemon and I believe it will yield fruitful and fulfilling results !