Head of HR

The story started


Personal Background and Company Overview

My name is Rose, I am a 27 year old Mosotho girl, born and raised in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country landlocked within South Africa. I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the best cities in the World.  I’ve recently joined Pearl Lemon, a prestigious Digital Marketing remote company specializing in providing top- notch services in SEO, B2B, Lead Generation, PPC, Content and Sales, as the new Head of Human Resources Department working alongside Mikka- Ella the HR Executive and the Accountability Manager Catherine, Nida- HR Intern and reporting directly to Deepak. It has been such an amazing experience. As a new employee in the company, I am pleased to provide my testimonial regarding my experience thus far. 

Onboarding and Induction Experience 

From the onset of my journey with the organization, mind you I have only been around for three weeks, I have been welcomed warmly by colleagues and management alike. The onboarding process was comprehensive and well-structured, providing me with the necessary resources and guidance to integrate smoothly into my role. Funny enough, I actually first came across Pearl Lemon on LinkedIn in 2022 and applied to join the company then but unfortunately at the time I did not make the cut, however, I never gave up on my dream to one day become part of the company. And indeed, 2 years later I am part of the company.  

Furthermore, I have found the company culture to be inclusive, collaborative, and supportive, fostering a conducive environment for personal and professional growth. The emphasis on teamwork and open communication has enabled me to quickly acclimate to my responsibilities and contribute meaningfully to team objectives. Additionally, I appreciate the company’s commitment to employee development, evidenced by opportunities for training, mentorship, and career advancement. The organization’s investment in its employees’ growth underscores its dedication to fostering talent and cultivating a high-performing workforce.

Moreover, I have been impressed by the company’s leadership, who demonstrate a clear vision and values-driven approach to decision-making. Their accessibility and willingness to listen to employee feedback further reinforce a sense of belonging and alignment with the company’s mission. I will be very honest, in the beginning when I officially started, I had a mix of nerves and excitement because joining a new company can be such an overwhelming experience but here I am enjoying every bit of my work and being a part of Pearl Lemon. 

Since joining Pearl Lemon, I have had the privilege of working alongside a group of exceptionally talented and dedicated colleagues. Their professionalism, expertise, and willingness to collaborate have greatly contributed to my successful integration into the team. I have consistently been impressed by their strong work ethic, positive attitude, and commitment to achieving collective goals. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful family.

First Task: Coming up with 20 things that I would like to change within the HR department

My introduction to the practical aspects of HR began with my first assignment, which was entrusted to me by Dee,to come up with 20 things that we would love to change with our HR processes. I worked on that alongside Mikka-Ella and Nida. The task was focused on compiling a list of new processes and improvement strategies for the existing HR Processes. 

Daily Responsibilities and learning

Throughout this past week, my responsibilities have been about familiarizing myself with the systems as I go, signing up on new platforms to have a variety of applicants for our Internship positions and our permanent employees, interacting with professionals that want to work for Pearl Lemon, interacting with teams from different Departments as well to find out how HR can best support them to thrive in their work,  

These few weeks have not just been about the execution of tasks; it was a period of significant professional growth. The repetitive nature of the tasks I do on a daily basis allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of consistency, attention to detail and commitment in the Human Resources department. 

In summary, my experience as a new employee at Pearl Lemon has been overwhelmingly positive. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities for growth and advancement that lie ahead and look forward to continuing to contribute to the company’s success.