The story started

About Ryan's Experience!


Hey everyone.
Ryan here, one of Game Developer for Pearl Lemon Group.

At the time of writing (August 2023) I am about to wrap up my seventh month here with the company.
My partner experience here with the company encompassed engaging in rigorous stress testing
procedures and actively embarking on a continuous journey while being generously bestowed with the
opportunity to graciously expand my skill set through constant learning endeavors.
As a testimony to my time with Pearl Lemon Group, I want to walk through my timeline of partner
experiences over the course of seven months.

The first month:

Within the first month with the company the first task was to make a test UI which had a Sci-fi theme
which was also an evaluation to test my skills in Game Development. The UI required a Sci-fi design
fitting for younger audience and a scrollable inventory feature. Later on, I found out that this was also
because they needed a game developer capable of doing game UI design for the game that they were
developing called Cosmobby which revolves around a Sci-fi theme.
The first month within the company was rather hard and confusing at first but at some point, it became
less harder to adapt as I learn slowly. There was an intense work to be done within the first month due
to the deadline of the project for the game development. I had to recreate a whole map within the week
and create few assets to use within the game as well as optimizing the game performance by reducing
the amount of collision, shadow, polygons, etc.
From that moment onward, I acquired the knowledge of what to do, even though it required a
considerable amount of time to grasp. Nonetheless, the process of learning was enjoyable and
I was one of the five members of the Game Development team. The task that was given to me at first
were usually UI related but as time went on the task became more on to 3d models and creating maps
and assets for the game.

A quick list of things I learned:

• Many individuals frequently arrive and depart
• Gaining insights from fellow programmers
• Approaches to generating revenue
• Dependable external educational materials
• Identification of our existing client
• Maintaining scheduled SOD and EOD on trackabi
• Principles of Game Design

The next couple of months:


For the next couple of months of continued work and project that our team received. We went on to
different kinds of game genre and theme, usually the deadline for each project would take at least a
month or a few weeks, within those months there are at least 2 projects being worked on at the same
time. Once the project is done, we have a few days of rest, and a new task comes.
Through collaborative experiences with fellow game developers, I had the valuable opportunity to
engage in a dynamic exchange of knowledge, learning from their unique approaches and methods.
Simultaneously, I was able to contribute my own distinctive techniques and innovative perspectives,
enhancing our collective problem-solving capabilities and enriching the overall creative process. This
interaction not only expanded my skill set but also fostered a culture of continuous learning, where the
diverse strategies led to more effective and efficient ways of accomplishing specific tasks within the
game development.
I’ve joined a few meetings with other game developers and made suggestion on how to work more
effectively as a team in game development specifically on how we could create a group in Roblox instead
of using only one account for the game developers to use in developing the game. With the Roblox
Group being made it allow multiple creators to work on the same experience, use the same assets, share
profits, and give credit to all contributors.
The integration of the Roblox group brought about a significant enhancement in our workflow, notably
simplifying the process of accessing and leveraging pre-existing assets. These valuable resources, which
had already been developed, became readily available for integration into our potential future projects,
effectively saving us time and effort in the creative process.
Moreover, the implementation of the Roblox group had a noteworthy impact on our advertising
endeavors. Crafting advertisements and disseminating them to a wider audience was noticeably
streamlined, resulting in a reduced level of complexity. This improved efficiency in advertising creation

and distribution not only allowed us to effectively reach our target audience but also contributed to a
more cohesive and impactful marketing strategy overall.
Having to work from home, it is easier and less struggle to work since I do not need to go physically at a
workplace and having to worry about daily commute each weekday. Pearl Lemon Group is really
welcoming and especially the group in the Game Development team. Whenever I must ask for
something especially questions about game development, they are very accommodating and
Being able to get the position of game development it became easier for me to fit in with the job since
game development and creating games generally is one of my passion, it gives me a good motivation
especially if the game we are making is interesting and driven with passionate clients as well.
One piece of advice I can offer is that when considering a role within Pearl Lemon Group or any other
professional setting, it’s advisable to identify a position that resonates with you the most, bringing you a
sense of confidence and genuine enjoyment in your work. By aligning yourself with a role that instills
these positive feelings, you can reduce the potential for strain and stress when tackling assigned tasks.
This, in turn, facilitates the cultivation of a work environment where passion and motivation flourish,
enabling you to approach your responsibilities with heightened enthusiasm and dedication.

My tasks to this point:
• Designing for User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
• Creating Reusable assets in game
• How to enhance user experience
• Testing and checking out possible existing bugs in game
• Creating Map layouts for the game
• Suggestion of possible designs and theme

Month 6:

After spending six months with the Pearl Lemon Group, I’ve found myself growing increasingly at ease
and comfortable among my colleagues within both the game development team and the people in Pearl
Lemon Group community.

The six-month mark showed me a variety of items:
• Creating 3d models and assets is a hefty task but fun at the same time
• I gained the knowledge of creating a comprehensive social media profile and optimizing my
• I learned a lot in blender and creating 3d assets

• I learned multiple shortcuts to ease my work when making 3d models
• I learned the difficulty of handling a lot of task in a set amount of time
• I learned how to fully optimize game experience
My tenure at the Pearl Lemon Group has truly been a valuable chapter in my journey as a Game
Developer. During this period, I had the opportunity to gain invaluable insights. As the saying goes,
change is a constant in the professional world. I witnessed the departure of a team member from the
Game Development team and the restructuring of our fellow Game Developer members. These
experiences served as poignant reminders that workplaces are dynamic, and people’s roles can shift over

This realization has highlighted the transitory nature of positions and responsibilities. The seat I currently
occupy might eventually be filled by another talented individual down the road. Nevertheless, the
wheels of progress never cease to turn. As we bid adieu to some and welcome fresh faces, the work
marches on, propelled by our collective determination and shared passion for moving ahead. This stint
with the Pearl Lemon Group has not only honed my skills as a Game Developer but has also illuminated
the broader principles of adaptability, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of innovation.
The Pearl Lemon Group maintains an active stance of seeking evolution, which is also reflected in our
Game Development endeavors. We’ve been engaged in the exciting journey of crafting various games,
with the tally continuously growing as time progresses. The dynamic nature of genres, themes, aspects,
and visions ensures that change is a constant companion, a fact that I wholeheartedly embrace in my
The process of creating numerous 3D assets and contributing to game development has significantly
enriched my skill set and understanding of my craft. This has naturally translated into a portfolio that I’m
proud to present. My journey has entailed dedicating considerable time to explore effective methods for
creating game models and devising innovative approaches to streamline the development process. This
investment of time has proven invaluable, allowing me to reduce the time investment required while
enhancing the overall efficacy of my work.
When I’m faced with a task that needs completion, I approach it with a determined mindset. I believe in
the power of action, and I swiftly execute the necessary steps to bring my ideas to fruition. This
commitment to proactive execution has not only facilitated my personal growth as a Game Developer
but has also contributed to the collective progress of our dynamic team within the ever-evolving
landscape of game creation.