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About Tricia Badillos's Experience!

Head of Accounting

Before I start discussing my testimonial working for more than a year in Pearl Lemon, let me share you first who I am. 

When it comes to payments, salaries, queries for working hours in Pearl Lemon Tricia Badillos is the one you should look for. Tricia Rozl Pimentel Badillos is the Head of Accounting dealing with various tasks related to money. I am the one setting up payroll, paying subscriptions, dealing with clients’ payments, requesting for funds to the higher management, calculate quarterly tax and VAT, self-assessment, property lease handling and anything that relates with accounting. Currently, I only have one accounts executives, Lence Benice Cayubit, that help me reconcile thousands of transactions every month and return VAT from agency, cafe, and catering to HMRC. I also seek help sometimes with Auctavia and Chane, Pearl Lemon’s VA and our intern, Jack. I also work side-by-side with Lydia Sims, the Operations Director and Catherine Reyes, the accountability manager of Pearl Lemon. When it comes to external matters, I am coordinating with a UK accountant named Varun Gutpa and his accounting team. Although checking with each of the employees is not aligned in my Key Performance Indicator, I am still messaging every employee to ask about their working hours and to detect suspicious hours. Creating invoices is one of my forte as well. When I was hired last year on 6th June, I was able to learn invoicing thru Free Agent however that month, Pearl Lemon is expanding and creating a food and beverage type of business called Pearl Lemon Cafe, Pearl Lemon Boba, and How Matcha. Because of this, I was able to act in initiatives and learn anything about Xero which is why when it comes to invoicing, account managers and sales managers are communicates to me.

Outside Pearl Lemon, I am a daughter, student, fur parent and a bread winner of the family. I am currently residing at an apartment in Marikina City which is part of the National Capital Region in the Philippines. I am a daughter of Roy Badillos, a fisherman and Liezl Badillos, a restaurant dishwasher. I am also the eldest among the children of her parents. My siblings are named Trisean Badillos and Trixie Kim Badillos. All my family is living in the province far from where I am currently residing. As of now, I am a 4th year college student hoping to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy this September. I am studying at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, one of the best universities in the Philippines. I am a big fan of Korean Pop especially groups from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. My favorite girl group is Blackpink and favorite boy group is EXO. Although I am really a fan, I never experienced attending concerts due to financial issues. I am also a fur parent of my dog named Tintin and when I have an extra time, you will see me watching anime especially Detective Conan, Korean dramas, and other foreign movies. I enjoy watching Marvel movies and playing mobile games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Call of Duty Mobile. I also play 3×3 rubik’s cube and listens to a wide variety of songs. When you get to finally know my personality, you will surely enjoy being my friend.

Oops, enough for a very long introduction (anyone might not be interested reading too much about someone’s profile lol!) Let’s proceed to my testimonial. 


I am delighted to provide this testimonial for my experience working with Pearl Lemon as the Head of Accounting. Over the course of my tenure in this role, I have been thoroughly impressed by the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and a collaborative work environment. From day one, Pearl Lemon has demonstrated a strong dedication to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity. As the Head of Accounting, I have been given the autonomy and resources needed to streamline and enhance our financial processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance. At first, I am nervous about what will happen in the future (did I mentioned that this is my first ever work?) I was referred by a friend which was an employee in this company last year. I accepted the offer because I want to measure my capacity without minding the compensation. First few weeks comes errors, but I’ve been studying smart to dig deeper on what is Pearl Lemon and what this company can offer. The company’s leadership is open to new ideas and always willing to invest in cutting-edge tools and technologies, which has significantly contributed to our efficiency and productivity. 

One of the standout aspects of my time at Pearl Lemon has been the incredible team I have had the privilege to work alongside. Employees are too good and can have a long patience with newbies like me who asked a lot of questions. The culture here is one of mutual respect, support, and encouragement. It’s truly inspiring to collaborate with colleagues who are not only experts in their respective fields but also genuinely passionate about their work. This dynamic environment has not only enriched my professional skills but has also made each day enjoyable and rewarding. Pearl Lemon’s commitment to fostering growth extends beyond its clients to its employees. The leadership recognizes the importance of continuous learning and development, providing ample opportunities for training and upskilling. As the Head of Accounting, I have been encouraged to attend relevant workshops and trainings made by the founder, enabling me to stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. In summary, my experience as the Head of Accounting at Pearl Lemon has been exceptional. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, forward-thinking approach, and collaborative spirit have made it a truly remarkable place to work. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and look forward to contributing to Pearl Lemon’s ongoing success.

I’m also thrilled to share my exciting journey of over a year with the amazing Pearl Lemon Group, where I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the world of accounting and beyond. Working alongside a dynamic team, I’ve honed my skills and contributed to the financial excellence of the company.

Accounting Ace: I’ve been given a range of accounting responsibilities as a proud member of the Pearl Lemon family, and these responsibilities have allowed me to develop into an accounting ace. I have expertly handled accounts payable and receivable, painstakingly reconciled financial statements, and made sure that all records were kept accurately. My dedication to accuracy and my focus on the small things have contributed to the organization’s continued financial stability.

Budget Whisperer: I’m able to play a crucial position in budget management because I’m a member of the Pearl Lemon Group. I’ve helped with budget creation, spending tracking, and data analysis to produce insightful financial information that has aided in making well-informed decisions. I’ve found that having an aptitude for numbers has helped me allocate resources more wisely and promote financial responsibility.

Excel Extraordinaire: With the help of my job at Pearl Lemon, I’ve had the opportunity to become an expert (pun intended!) spreadsheet user who can organize, process, and present financial data. I am a skilled user of Excel and have produced in-depth financial reports, graphs, and charts that are essential in visually presenting complex financial information.

Team Player: I’ve developed as a committed team player in addition to becoming a more skilled accountant at Pearl Lemon because of the collaborative work atmosphere. I actively participated in cross-functional teams, took part in brainstorming sessions, and made contributions to strategic conversations that helped the business advance. The team has grown closer together as a result of my ability to convey financial ideas in a courteous and simple manner.

Continuous Learner: I have been able to consistently improve my accounting abilities thanks to Pearl Lemon Group’s dedication to learning and advancement. To enhance efficiency and streamline operations, I have actively embraced new software, tools, and approaches. In order to ensure that I continue to be a significant asset to the organization, I’ve also gone to training sessions and kept up with current business trends.

Customer-Centric Approach: I’ve learned the value of a customer-centric approach during my time at Pearl Lemon. In order to provide a simple and open process, I have worked with clients to address their financial questions and concerns. Clients and coworkers have complimented me on my capacity to understand their needs and provide accounting topics in an approachable way.

In my journey of over a year at Pearl Lemon Group, I’ve not only grown as an accounting professional but also developed meaningful relationships within the organization. I look forward to contributing my skills and enthusiasm to continue making a positive impact on the company’s financial success.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my enriching experience at Pearl Lemon Group. I’m excited to bring my expertise and passion for accounting to new opportunities and challenges in the future! 📊📚💼