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About Victor's Experience!

Hello there,
My name is Victor, and I’m a Content Editor at Pearl Lemon. I’ll quickly share my experience
working with Pearl Lemon for the past months.
Late last year, 2022, I joined the content team as an Editor, and it was a pleasure to
experience a hitch-free onboarding process that eased me into the work style with the
content team.
Over the span of a few weeks, I learned a lot about the content style that Pearl Lemon is
known for and developed myself in the role.
The first few months were spent editing AI Blogs. These blogs are written for a variety of
clients in different niches.
I edited blogs ranging from travel and coffee to properties and other interesting niches.
Sometimes I had little to no prior knowledge of some topics before working through them;
this meant that I had to research and learn more about them.
The number of blogs and articles I had to research for these pieces was enormous and
taught me alot about research as a tool for great content.
Learning about new areas, I would not have spent time reading about otherwise was a
fascinating aspect of the job that I thoroughly appreciated.
The most important aspect of editing was learning to create informative content for different
industries repeatedly.
Even though I understood various writing styles and formats, I still gained new knowledge on
this front.
After a month of editing articles, I improved my ability to spot-check and fix errors within
content at a better pace than I used to.
Writing concisely while remaining detailed is more difficult than one may think. You don’t
want to be so ambiguous that your audience has no idea what you’re talking about. But you
can’t delve into the nitty gritty since it would take you way over your word limit.
Initially, editing content proved a bit tricky. However, I improved over time and am grateful for
the experience.
On a professional level, I was able to discover trends, methods and systems that make for
good blog posts, service pages and such likes.
I was as interested in SEO as I am in content. Of course, both work hand in hand. So, over
time, my experience within the team took me into the space of SEO writing, where I got a
good grasp of keyword research from Semrush and the SEO team as well.
On a personal level, I was opportune to interact with some brilliant minds in not just
SEO-related topics or content as a whole but in other departments, as it has to do with
delivering brilliant work for businesses within and outside the UK.
Such expertise and experience gathered over a few months can be invaluable to persons in
the content niche as it expands your scope of understanding of the different processes and
workflows that make a business model like Pearl Lemon’s tick.
During my time with the content and SEO teams, I used tools like Grammarly, Wordtune,
wordhero, trackabi, ChatGpt, Bard to create effective deliverables for various businesses.

ChatgptWhat is ChatGPT? -


Word tune


There is also an entire lineup of tutorials set up by Deepak to help you understand the
company culture and expectations and help you improve in whatever role you have within
the organisation.
At the start of my time with Pearl Lemon, we had weekly Friday meetings where we met
people from different departments to discuss growth strategies for the business.
Over time, that meeting became a Monday and Friday thingy, allowing people to discuss
happenings within the organisation and resolve any issues head-on.
One perk of working with Pearl Lemon is obviously the multidimensional approach to work
within the organisation, as it allows for growth within different spheres and career types.
This means that you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge base beyond your
primary scope of work.
This perk was the trigger that allowed me to not only improve as a content writer and Editor
but also allowed me to expand my skill set into keyword research and SEO writing for
websites and other tools.
In some way, the company’s culture, in that they tried to pursue excellence in everything, sat
well with me and played a huge role in my development within and outside my scope of
Interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities made the
experience more wholesome.
I made new friends along this journey, got to relate better with people, and understood the
importance of being available when needed.
It has been an actual growth trajectory for me personally and an exposure of real value to
working with Pearl Lemon.
I am confident that the skills I now possess will serve me extremely well in any capacity I find
myself in.
And that has been due to the work ethic I displayed in my role and subsequent roles within
the organisation.
As a content writer, I’m better equipped; as an SEO writer, I’ve honed my skills. And for that,
I’m glad I got the opportunity to work with Pearl Lemon.