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Has my time at Pearl Lemon been a smooth ride?

Hi everyone! My name is Zayd Julius, currently acting SEO Project Manager and SEO Executive here at Pearl Lemon. 

I’ve been with Pearl Lemon for about 4 months now, having joined at the tail end of October 2023 into the SEO team, of which I am happy and proud to still be a member of all these months later. Alongside David and Malcom, and the account manager James, we form up the primary client facing team at Pearl Lemon for Marketing and SEO.

Which still strikes me as refreshing – when I first joined Pearl Lemon, I expected to be stuck behind my desk at all hours of the day typing and working on websites. Thankfully, those first impressions were dashed quickly, and I’ve become accustomed to the rapid pace needed to not only deliver on deliverables, but also keep clients informed, happy and content.



Overall, I would say that I’ve grown quite a bit over the last few months at Pearl Lemon. While no slouch at the start, my work ethic, speed, thoroughness and communication speed have all grown leaps and bounds. Work at Pearl Lemon can be frantic, fast and crazy, with each person relying on the next to ensure everything is done on time and reviewed before being sent.

Outside of that, the way I communicate has changed as well. I am still direct, as I have always been, but I am more conscious of how I speak and deliver information. It’s helped a lot in both a professional and personal way, and still getting better.

My skill at SEO has grown exponentially as well, with my knowledge base expanding to match. As someone who was primarily tutored and self taught by other freelancers and indepdents, my time at Pearl Lemon has shown me that I have been missing a huge chuck of the iceberg of SEO, and I have quickly had to learn the ins and outs of backlinking, in-depth reporting and client review. 

It is honestly staggering how much you think you know until you meet a real master of the field. Charles, who had conducted my in person review as an example, has been instrumental in my technical knowledge growth as he drops hints and clues to issues during meetings that I can then look up and review later.

My time management has also been improving day by day as well. Lydia, one of our directors at PL, has been instrumental in that front, with her sharing some of her methodologies and tricks with me. 

In terms of leadership, I have also improved. While its mantle is something I will never feel fully comfortable donning, I have learned what it means to be a leader in my time at Pearl Lemon, what it means to take charge of an unruly client or growing conflict, and for that I am greatful. My project management skills, under James advice, has also grown and improved to the point where I feel comfortable managing almost any client that comes our way.

To touch on the work briefly, it has been very hectic. Deepak was not lying when he said it is not for everyone, and you will need to keep your wits if you hope to keep up. Clients, ranging from investment brokers to diamond and jewelery sellers, all carry their own wants, needs and structure, and it’s up to us to meet and surpass all expectation. But while work can be brutal at times, the team we have here at Pearl Lemon makes it worth while.

From Deepak and Ion, who are always able to help and answer our questions whether that be in terms of SEO, management or communication, to Lydia for time management or strategies for handling difficulties with the job, or James for handling the clients in terms of project management or Charles for technical help or even myself for hardware or software issues, we all work as a cohesive unit.

Friendship, inside jokes and friendly banter is quite common across teams and not just within. Sharing of stories, music, discussion of novels and books and movies, the general meetup of closeby colleagues, the team at Pearl Lemon is indescribable, and definitely the best part of the journey. While we might not get along the greatest all the time, we all hold a respect and fondness for each other that cannot be found in any other company. 

Pearl Lemon has also helped me transition more into the project manager role than just day-to-day worker role. Management of clients can be painful at times, and sometimes you want to rip your hair out, but outside of that, they’re quite fun to talk and deal with, outside of major issues!

Overall, my time at Pearl Lemon has been an incredible one, with its ups and downs, but something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The people I have met, the friendships and relationships forged here, are something I cannot put into words, and I have learned so much more than I thought possible. 

Do I recommend Pearl Lemon – absolutely. If you’re looking to grow, and grow fast, there is no better place to be, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to see what its like to work in a high stakes, fast paced environment. It might get hard at times, but we’re here to pick you back up and help if things ever get too hard.