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About Airah's Experience!

My name is Airah. And I am the head of the social media team here at Pearl Lemon. I’ll be sharing with you my experience while working here at Pearl Lemon. If you’re ever reading this, you’re probably interested in working with us. So let’s go!

Before we get started with my experience, I want to share a few things about myself. Again, my name is Airah, and I currently work for Pearl Lemon. As of the moment, I am twenty years old, and I am a student. I am a working student, to be exact. So before we move on with the experience as a social media manager or a head of social media team, I want to share with you guys that it’s been a year since I started working here, and I didn’t get the job of head of social media team that easily. I started first as a TikTok content creator in October 2022 and then worked as a TikTok content creator for 4 months before I got promoted to head of the social media team. I was introduced to Pearl Lemon by one of my classmates, a content writer here, Bryan.

And now I’ve already been working here again for a year. And, of course, still, it was one of the best decisions that I made because not only was I able to buy the things that I like to buy, for example, my phone, but I was also able to gain a lot of experience and learn a lot of things about social media, SEO, and lead generation, even though I am directly connected to all departments. I still work with them. So I get to experience a lot of things and learn a lot. So, actually, before I accepted the work here at Pearl Lemon, at first I was curious if I could work in this setup because what I really want to do is work on-site, but we’re working in a remote setup. So you just work from home, manage your time, and then work 8 hours, 8 if you’re full-time, and then that’s it.

Working here was actually my first official job, and everything felt like pressure, and there were too many expectations, not only the company’s expectations of me but also my own. I told myself that I was going to do my best and try hard in order to stay here for a long time. To be honest, there’s no harm in trying, so submit that application and apply for it. Well, of course, you should choose something or make a decision about something that can make you grow, not only as a person but also as a professional, especially since I am currently a student. So I seek better job opportunities and better experiences so I can provide for myself and my family in the future. I also want to encourage people around me; that’s how I managed to become myself today. Moving on with the experiences that I had here at Pearl Lemon, first, the recruitment process was very smooth. Everyone was reliable. And even though I was the first TikTok content creator, many people helped me along the way, including our CEO, Deepak Shukla. He was also very hands-on. He gives me feedback and insights, and he also gives us tools so that we can work on it properly. At first, I’ve had a lot of struggles, especially in working with my video content, because it’s actually the first time that I tried to edit a lot of videos per day, but I’ve managed to work on it, and now I am producing 6 videos per day on e-commerce and more videos per day on other channels.

After I was able to pursue the TikTok Content Creator job, I was there for 4 months before I tried to step up and level up my team by trying to manage tasks for all of the social media team members. That’s why I managed to be promoted to head of the social media team. I work with my teammates, Arnav, Cross, Nikko, Hero, Kenneth, and Neil, and I think that’s all of them. So I work with them to create videos not only for Pearl Lemon but also for Pearl Lemon Games, Deepak Shukla’s personal YouTube channel, TikTok Contents, such as Cat Judo and Plant Judo, and many more. I think we were able to produce a lot of videos per day since we had two video editors at that time. But as of the moment, I’m working by myself. I am the only video editor here at Pearl Lemon.

Working as a social media manager and the head of the social media team was not really that easy, but I was able to get through it with the help of many team members, and I was also able to learn a lot from the experience that it gave me. Honestly, I am not a professional social media manager, a professional video editor, or a graphic content creator. But here at Pearl Lemon, they will provide you with training so you can gain a lot of experience. They will give you feedback, and they will criticize your work accordingly. And what I like here at Pearl Lemon is that everyone is hands-on, and you can talk to anyone if you want feedback or suggestions on your work. They taught me video editing, social media strategies, and, of course, keyword research. Actually, as a video content creator or a social media manager, there were times that I was stuck and had metal blocks, but they taught me things that would bring me here. That’s why I am still here at Pearl Lemon, working happily.

Every employee in a company, of course, has their own struggles. One of the struggles I’ve had here at Pearl Lemon is because my mother tongue is not English. It’s Filipino because I am from the Philippines, so I am not fluent or naturally fluent in English. So as part of my training, I’ve had a few meetings—actually, a lot of meetings—with English natives to improve not only mine but also those of my team members, communication skills and English. I’ve had fun doing this meeting with Shannon, Dylan, Kenneth, Hero, Chill, Catherine, and many more!

Now let’s move on to the advantages of working here at Pearl Lemon. So working here at Pearl Lemon has many advantages. First of all, we are currently in a remote setup, so you can manage your own time and work at your own pace, but make sure to do your best and submit your tasks on time, especially when it’s the deadline. Working here at Pearl Lemon has also opened so many opportunities because, even though I was hired as a TikTok integrator or the head of the social media team, as I’ve said before, I have managed to learn a lot about lead generation, SEO, account management, knowledge panels, video editing, graphic contents, communication training, and many more.

Another advantage of working here at Pearl Lemon and working in a remote setup is that you’d have a lot of logins and access to tools that might help you when you work. What I love the most is the Cast Magic subscription because, obviously, I use that for content. And also Canva Pro because I’m a video editor and also a graphic designer.

All in all, my experience here at Pearl Lemon was great. I was able to learn a lot not only from our CEO, Deepak Shukla, but also from the people or teammates around, like, for example, Chill, Catherine, Lydia, Grant, Ion, Sophie, and a lot more people. Another advantage of working here at Perlermon is that you’d be able to communicate not only with the people in your country but also with various people from other countries such as South Africa, the USA, and London. So you’d be socializing with a lot of people.

If you’re ever wondering what I do now as the head of social media, I edit videos, I do graphic content, I edit thumbnails, and I upload and schedule. I work with a lot of team members and work on things that could actually be able to help you grow and find a better way of working at your job while working on your professional experience. And I think that’s all of my experience that I can share at the moment here at Pearl Lemon.

Other experiences I’ve had with my teammates and the company are for me to know and for you to find out. So make sure to send your applications to, and be sure to work with us.