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About Usman Jatoi Pro Experience!

Usman Jatoi Pro Pearl lemon placement

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Usman Jatoi Pro , I’m a web designer at Pearl Lemon Group. I’ve been with the company for 1 year a 4 months now, and I’m really enjoying my time here. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot as a designer. Before I Say Something Checkout reviews about me from Team Members and Deepak Shukla ( Founder of Pearl Lemon )

My personal growth

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to manage my time and workload effectively. When I first started, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do. But I quickly learned how to prioritize my tasks and stay on top of my deadlines.

I’ve also learned a lot about teamwork and communication. It’s important to be able to work well with others, and to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. I’ve also learned how to use the right tools and software to help me with my work.

My experience at Pearl Lemon Group

I’ve had a great experience working at Pearl Lemon Group. The company is very supportive, and the team is really friendly and helpful. I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues, and I’ve also had the opportunity to work on some really challenging and rewarding projects.

I shared my whole journey here from the trial process to reaching 8 months here. I hope this gives you a better understanding of my experience at Pearl Lemon Group.


For Trial Purpose Bianca ( ex Pearl lemon Group Hr ) create a Group With Deepak Shukla ( Founder ), Kaushal ( Head of the Design team ) & Me ( Usman Jatoi Pro )


Hi guys! This is Usman- applying for Web Designer. @Kaushal, can you give him some tasks to see what he can do? 🙂 

Kaushal told me to redesign because it’s not professional enough.

They sent me a sample website.

I designed The homepage in photoshop and sent the pdf to the group. then

Deepak told me to design in wordpress 🙂

So, I designed the Home page in WordPress Using Elementor and Sent it to Group also sent Video Because there was Some Cache issue, and My design looked weird in their Browsers. 

Deepak Shukla ( Owner ) Liked My Work and said, “ I’m happy with his work. Let’s bring him into the programme. “

And that is How My Trial End

Placement Process:

Bianca Sent by Placement Program

She Sent Me TrackAbi Tool, which Is Time Monitoring Tool

They Added me To their Official Groups

Internal Pearl Lemon Team:

Where people send their Sod ( Start of day ) and Eod ( End of Day )

Design & Dev Team: Where Designers and Developers Send Their Work

Pl Company Updates:

Where Team Leaders Send Updates about Company

After that, Deepak Personally Congrats Me for Joining the Company

And That’s How I got into the Company ( Pearl Lemon Group )

The first month:

My First Task was To design Website.

For Creating a Website, We Need a Few Things

  1. Niche: ( Like what type of Website is, for example, a Gaming Website, a Cooking Website, a Digital Agency Website and E.t.c. In our case, it was a Wedding Website  )
  2. Content: Obviously, we Need Something in writing to Tell our Customers We are Proving and Doing ( for that I talked with the Head of the content Team, Joanne, and she provided me with the Content and also she made a loom for me in which she told me how to place content  )
  3. Lastly WordPress Credentials


The deadline was given to me To Build the Website in 3 days. I gave my 100% & made it 🙂


Deepak was Pleased with my Work and gave a shout-out to me Personally and Also In the PearlLemon Updates Group.

Check 🙂

After That, I did Quick Team Call With Team, Where Team Introduced themselves and their Rules. I was Bit Confused and Nervous, Then But OverAll, it was a Great Experience.

The first month was a Unique Learning  Experience for me. Before that, I was not aware of How Team Works, How Workflow work, How to manage Task Properly and e.t.c

This Month I learned the following:


  1. How to do Team Work
  2. How to Manage Task 
  3. How to Use Professional Tools for managing stuff
  4. How to Represent Your Work

2nd Month to My 6th month journey:



I Also Get Appreciation For My Work 🙂

Updating Work In Group With Other Mine Team Members 

( Daksh & Anuskha )

Team Rule:

Team Members Helped Me alot When I needed them, Specially Kaushal, Ali, Daksh, and Catherine.

Let’s Talk How They Help Me.


In the early days, when I was Newbie, I faced Alot of Problems. Then Kaushal ( head of the design team ) Helped me To Fix Those Issues and Also Did Google Meet With Me :). Kaushal, Thank you alot.


As a designer, sometimes I am unaware of What issues are Happening With websites. Once Dee told me to Work on the Pearl Lemon Main Website. For that, I had to Enable Elementor Pro ( Page designing Tool for WordPress), But when I enabled it, the Website went down, and I got scared because the website was fully wiped. Everyone was on the Weekend 

But When I messaged Ali, He Helped me get the Website Recover in 15 Mints. Ali, thank you a lot 


Deepak asked  me to Work on Publishing New pages, But I was unaware of the Process. Daksh did a Quick call with me And told me about each process of getting Page Live. Daksh, thank you a lot.

7th Month:

I started Joining Continuous Meetings and Stands Up and communicating with My Team. I started Learning How Teams Work, How Remote Agencies Manage their People, How I need to Fulfill my tasks, and What tasks I need to do Apart from Designing so the Accountability team can know What I’m Working on etc.

And in the sense of what task I’m Completing:

1: Joining Team Meetings & Standups:

Weekly Team meeting


2: While Starting My Work, I send Sod to Internal Team Group

3: I Record My Screen and Tell On what Task I’m Working on and how designs are looking before Using a Tool called Loom

4: I update my Task In Design & Dev Group, so my team also Know what I’m Working on

5: After That, I start Working on My task. In End of the Day, I record my loom and Send it To the internal Group, and my design and Dev Group

Team Review About Me ( Usman Jatoi Pro ):

From Daksh:

From Saurav:

From Hussain:

8th month:

As I keep improving my skill here so, here is Review From Lydia, Who is Operations Director🤓 @ Pearl Lemon🍋

Benefits I’m Getting:

1: Flexible Hours

2: Remote Work

3: Good Salary Package

4: Pay on time

5: Good Teamwork and Communications

6: Professional workflow

7: 8 Holidays for Religious, National Day, and International Day

8: Advance Pay if you are in Need or in emergency

9: 5 day aWeek  Part Time  work 2 days 2 hours work on Weekend


I’m really glad I joined Pearl Lemon Group. It’s a great place to work, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.