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About Tricia's Experience!

Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Salve! Nǐn hǎo! 

Kamusta? I’m Tricia Rozl P. Badillos, the Pearl Lemon Group’s Head of Accounting.

It feels fantastic to have been working for Pearl Lemon for almost three months. Following my birthday on June 5, 2022, I began working last June 6th. At the age of 22, this is my first job, therefore it was unquestionably one of my favorite birthdays presents ever. Lol. Briefly said, I stay at my grandmother’s house distant from my family because I must attend college in the capital city of the Philippines while my family is in the countryside. My father is a fisherman, and he really wants me to finish college and acquire a degree before getting a job. However, because I’m foolish, I seize the chance to work remotely to help pay for my time in college. I sought a job that is linked to my course because I would be a fourth-year college student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. By finding such a job, I would have background abilities that I could use in the organization. Fair enough, Misty, a lead generation member for Pearl Lemon and a classmate of mine, informed me about the employment of an account executive—clearly an accountant—to manage the business’s finances. Since I don’t have a license yet, I am initially hesitant because I am concerned about being rejected. However, how would I know the outcome if I didn’t try? After Misty told me about Pearl Lemon, I gathered my resume and leave a voice note to Akhila, who was the HR at the time, to let her know I would be applying for an account executive position. I waited for a couple of minutes then she finally replied, and the rest is history.

About Tricia 's Experience!

On June 3, 2022, I began the trial period through which I would learn what an account executive should be doing. I received training from Lydia Sims, Pearl Lemon’s operation director. On that day, she sent all videos and inquiries. I spent around five hours watching and responding to all her questions, after which I waited to see whether she had any jobs for me to complete. On the second day (June 4), Lydia remarked on my work. I took note of all her suggestions, and when I asked her for advice on what to do on the second day of my training, she informed me that everything she had sent served as my instruction for the entire trial period. Haha! On the eve of my birthday, I sincerely pray that Pearl Lemon Group will accept me. Because of this, they ultimately accepted me on June 6 and instructed me to begin working.

I had a difficult time adjusting to corporate life during my first month of employment since I was culture-shocked, but I must confess that working for a corporation is simpler than studying accounting in college. ☺♥ By the end of the second month, I had already decided what I would do as an account executive. As a result, I received some exciting news before working for Pearl Lemon for three months.

About Tricia 's Experience!

Being appointed Head of Accounting before three months were passed is definitely something to be proud of! If I didn’t love and enjoy working with the company, I couldn’t advance quickly. I genuinely appreciate what I do, and I’ll work as hard as I can to support Pearl Lemon.

From hesitant at first, to Head of Accounting on 2022 September 1st 🙂