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About Vasco's Experience!

September 13th, 2021

Hello Team!

 Vasco here, Business Director at Pearl Lemon Group.


Right now, I’m mid-way through Month 4 at Pearl Lemon Group. That might not seem very long at first glance, but the experience, skill-building, and learning done in these past 4 months has felt like nothing short of a year.

My experience here since the start has put me very close to Deepak, our CEO. To this day, I don’t think I’ve met anyone else like him. The energy, motivation, and pure dedication that Deepak shows are enough to either scare off or inspire anyone that comes across him. I guess that makes those that stay at Pearl Lemon Group the “inspired” ones!

Back to me: I started my journey within the Pearl Lemon Group Cold Calling team. Most people will back away at Cold Calling but one thing I’ve learned is that people are much nicer than you think. Still, that doesn’t make the job any easier – since I joined, I’ve seen 3 full teams of cold callers either leave or be invited to do so. Pearl Lemon Group is directed by Deepak’s standards, and thinking that is a low bar is your first step to being out the door. 

As I helped Deepak develop the Cold Calling team, I was also given other duties, mainly: onboarding new clients, and looking for new ones (as well as some on-the-side admin work for the different sectors of the PL Group). To this day, I’m still our Outbound Sales Specialist (i.e., Business Director), together with one of my favorite people at the company – Ion

Last month, I faced one of my biggest challenges here, as well as one of my biggest mistakes: I found out first-hand how failing to manage client expectations can affect myself, the team, and Pearl Lemon Group as a whole. When I failed to make a prospect understand how many appointments our cold calling team could realistically make, it resulted in some serious chaos for the first 2 weeks of the campaign for the deal I closed. It all happened while Deepak was on annual leave for the first time. Thankfully, Deepak came back in time to wrap everything up masterfully. It was a valuable lesson, and Deepak ensured I’d come off the experience better than I was going into it.

Now, I’ve reached a bit of a turning point at Pearl Lemon Group, I’m now fully disconnected from the Cold Calling team. We concluded that my presence there was no longer relevant to the team as they’ve all settled in well to their positions. I’m expecting to work more in tandem with Ion now, closing more deals and having more interesting conversations with business owners all over the world.

I’ve also matured into the team more and am more at ease cracking a joke or even leading the conversation at our weekly team meetings that, at the time of writing, have around 30 people present. Most of the team doesn’t have the same ease or even willingness to communicate as openly, but I strive to make everyone realize that something like public speaking skills can be improved little by little. 

Getting to know who does what at Pearl Lemon Group, from PR to SEO, has been a great benefit. Working at a company so diverse makes you realize that everyone’s contribution in the world, no matter how small, ends up affecting a lot of people and that everyone does matter in a sense. Hey, I was even featured on an interview for Pearl Lemon regarding a diversity award we got!

An excerpt from my interview with Pearl – Our Head of PR:


I know Pearl Lemon Group will keep throwing challenges my way, but I also know there’s a team ready to support me whenever I need help. This confidence allows me to face every day to try and do the best I can. 

As a final note, I’m moving to London on the 30th of September. Very soon, I’ll update this post with a picture of Deepak and myself likely working together in a Costa coffee.

All the best,