The story started

About victor's Experience!

Hi everyone! I’m Victor Feca. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the game development field and I would like to thank Pearl Lemon for giving me the opportunity. Two months ago, I took the initiative to apply for a game developer role here in Pearl Lemon. I didn’t have enough knowledge and of course, confidence to develop games that would sell. Here I am now, working with an amazing team and developing games.

The Pearl Lemon Culture

I have always been amazed with how people in Pearl Lemon delivers. I love how they always find new opportunities and sieze them. Every week, they never fail to report new business and learning opportunities to add more value to the company and I think that’s the kind of company that will keep on growing.

Healthy Working Environment

It’s a pleasure working in a multi-cultural workplace wherein I was able to expand my network of contact and be someone more confident in expressing myself at work. I was able to share my ideas freely with a rewarding feeling that it has an impact and I am part of the team, and my ideas do matter. Because of these supportive people I have around me, I was able to execute the task at hand, I get new inputs of what I’m doing good and on which I can still improve. It’s a good initiative for both self and career growth.

Connected by Distance

Even though this is my first remote job and somehow had doubts that working at home would not be the same as working at the office where I talk to my teammates in person and express myself more. I have always felt connected with the Pearl Lemon team no matter the distance, and I love it! People are always one chat away. I did not encounter any barriers working with people from all over the world. People proactively reach out to you and make you feel that they really care.

The Pearl Lemon way

I am glad that I am part of the Pearl Lemon team. I will make sure to always reflect on its culture and its vision. When life gives me lemons, I will make lemonades the Pearl Lemon way!