Happy #SinglesAwarenessDay hahaha

Remember, when I said I wanted more responsibilities? Well, I got them! 

Last week I attended a PR training call with my team, and it was pretty exciting. 

I was already helping Heather with some PR email stuff, so I was aware of the general gist of PR, but whoa this was another level. (I will admit I have been slacking recently because I’ve had many shifts at my other job… Sorry, Heather 😅).

This first training call was about how to approach any PR pitch, and it was kinda mind-blowing. Deepak is good at thinking of stuff off the top of his head. It’s really impressive. 

What I did learn was that PR is about angles. You can pitch for pretty much anything so long as you have some link to the topic – even a vague one will do so long as you can justify it. (Sounds like English Literature to me…)

In any case, this will be a new challenge for me. PR is about communicating. It will be interesting to find out how to do that effectively, especially if I want to gain something. 

I’m not the most confident at the best of times, so it’s nice to have a team who believes in me. 

In other happy news, 

I have written my first internal content post worth 2k words for Pearl Lemon Leads! 

It’s gonna be published here so keep an eye out for that exciting development! I know I’ve been writing for like two months now, but guest posts do not provide the same level of satisfaction hahaha probably because they’re much shorter…

The next month is gonna be very exciting as I will continue with my PR training and also branching out more into writing longer pieces for internal content, so keep an eye out for that. 😄😄

See y’all next time!


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