Hey reader,

Can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been through during these two weeks. I feel my productivity growing everyday more and this is because Pearl Lemon is full of valuable people ready to help whenever you need.

You all know Pearl Lemon is based 100% remote, we do not have a physical office and we never officially meet each other. The office is basically us and we’re based all around the world. For that reason, I started the week with an awesome team meeting with my Pearl Lemon Academy colleagues: Federica – Director of Operations, and Pearl – Content Writer. 

The call lasted about one hour, and it was the more useful and productive hour of the week because we agreed on so many things:

What’s very important for all the businesses, and for ours too, is the market research. You must study the strategy you will take and try to defeat the competition through a variety of elements, such as quizzes, colours, schemes, videos, different topics, etc. When the pre-launch phase’s factors are ready, it should be better to focus on ideas to develop for the effective launch phase, starting to formulate modules for clients and so on.

After this fruitful team meeting, I dealt with the keyword research. I know I spoke about that in my last blog post, but this time it’s useful to know that everything is connected with Google research. It will show content which is relevant and has high quality firstly and from there you can conduct your own study about your main page which really needs to have one MAIN target keyword then other keywords very closely related to it. The content created must create a genuine combination of keywords.

The factors that show the relevancy of a word are basically two:

  1. keyword frequency that means finding the right balance (don’t keyword stuff, don’t use unnecessary keywords). Highlighting title and subtitle
  2.  keyword variations that allows your page to rank for other terms, provides more context on what your page is about.

Factors that show quality are instead:

My week ended up with the team meeting and the undoubtable market research. 

Firstly, we discussed about Plant Sumo, which delivers food packages to the retail market having a B2B approach working with institutions and private schools and it outreaches companies and individuals interested in health and wellness. 

Secondly, we touched on a moral subject which was Self Education (IQ involvement). In terms of sales, frame control is about establishing a call, setting a positive tone and always leading your clients/partners, organising  follow-ups, and asking for feedback in order to earn the confidence you need and the trust.

Well guys, I think it’s everything for today. Thank you for staying here and reading my blogs. I really appreciate that and it stimulates me to do every week better.

I’ll see you in two weeks! 🙂 

Ciao Ciao