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It’s Giulia here, are you keeping safe? I’ll be back to you every week from now on. I’m happy about it, so that I have a clearer idea of what I’ve been through and give you much details about my work. Happy about it? 🙂 AH!

The amount of work I have to manage for Pearl Lemon Academy is increasing every day, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed because I do not have much time to do it. However, the project is finally becoming alive and I can’t wait to see it on the internet. 

Our B2B (Business To Business) Approach still needs some changes and I discussed that in two team meetings this week.

The first one was with the entire PLA team: Deepak, Pearl, Federica and me :). 

Deepak really gave us very good tips to develop in our landing page and convince clients to work with us. Each of us have something to work on during these days, and we must create content that streamline the process.

The creation of a new project implements people starting from the idea of putting themselves in other (clients’, in this case) shoes. Most important, identify what the offer is and work with clear actionable steps.

We want to help little and medium enterprises or societies to go digital, and crush the competition by making their offline customers become online and keep trust in them. How? Using fundamental tools which give you the possibility to build an active communication and regular content.

The main problem is always “Where to start?”. Well, Pearl Lemon Academy gives you the solution to that question mark: we help founders and teams to develop the right content and choose the perfect platform in which companies should appear in order to implement their brand when going digital. In fact, the goal is ensuring customers that your work is valuable and concrete.

Each entrepreneur must build an effective online workspace where it’s possible to attend advanced training and learn so many genuine tips that allow your business to grow with a powerful problem-solving behavior/mind.

My second team meeting was with Federica – director of operations at PLA. Here, we discussed understanding the value of the offer and how we’ll achieve valuable metrics, money recognition and skill-act acquisition.

Never be vague about your work, keep it authentic and people will trust you day by day.😊

I’ll see you next week guys!

Enjoy your weekend,

Ciao Ciao