Hi everyone, I hope all is well! 


My name is Sam and it’s nice to meet you. This will be my first update since starting as an intern a couple of weeks ago. During this time, I have been introduced to the wonderful team and have started to communicate through several different platforms including whatsapp, email and video calls. 

What I did in the previous weeks can be summed up into one word, writing

My main position has been to focus on guest posts. I have really enjoyed it so far as I have been able to research several different topics. I have become more knowledgeable on topics that I knew nothing about before, which is kinda cool.

This is my go to formula when writing guests posts:


The skill that I have learnt the best is writing in an internet friendly and hopefully engaging manner.

 I’m not a master at this but I think I’m getting much better at it. Hopefully, the work I do in the next few weeks and months begin to show this. 

However, this hasn’t stopped me from trying out other tasks including Youtube video description writing. I feel that when you try to do other tasks it can give you a better idea of what the main goals and objectives are, but not overloading yourself with new tasks has been important. 

This part is all to do with time management. 

One skill I have learnt in working at home is that I am most productive when I listen to study music.

 I keep my phone near me at all times and using the whatsapp web link on my laptop has been so useful. This is helped by adding a nice hot drink to the right side of my desk. 

I usually set myself one task at a time.

I have also equipped a bigger monitor which I can then plug my laptop. This gives me a wider visual dimension to my tasks, literally. I think this can be a great feature for anyone working from home.

The week ahead has been met with several new February guest posts that me and the team can’t wait to get started on. New topics equals new challenges. 

I will always be on the lookout to complete any additional tasks. Sometimes the team contacts me to read a document, listen to a podcast and make edits. 

At the moment, I am still not entirely sure what to expect but I feel prepared. 

I guess the last thing I want to mention is my background….

Before applying for this role, I graduated with a degree in Film Industries and got a job at Burger King. The Burger King is perfectly placed as it is 5 minutes down my road and I have kept the job to this day, but I wanted to do something different…. 

Picture Luke Skywalker looking at the binary sunset in A New Hope, with the dream of him fleeing the planet and defeating the Galactic Empire. This was me to an extent if you can ignore the obvious and hopeless inaccuracy. I do apologize for the Star Wars references as this may be the first of many.


But that’s when pearl lemon came in and intrigued me with its diverse range of work. I had previous writing experience before and so I wanted to build on this. 

Funnily enough, the highlight for me has been creating my own email banner. I enjoyed the whole process a lot more than I should, but that’s what I like about it, It gives you an identity and an unique trademark. 

Check it out. 

In my free time, I like to listen to film soundtrack music. Play a little guitar and watch a film, nothing too complicated. I enjoy the simple things in life and I have even surfed a bit too! 

Enjoying the simple things gives me a much better work/life balance.

 I also forgot to mention, I support Arsenal FC and have done since 2013.

That’s pretty much it for now, hopefully you can stick around for several more awesome posts. 

Kind regards 



Author Bio

Sam is a content writer intern at PL. He enjoys the simple things in life including films, music, running and writing. He hopes that every read is authentic and enjoyable.

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