Monday started out terribly. There’s been construction happening on the block and I woke up with no power. I ran out of data on my phone too because of how terrible wifi was so I couldn’t access any work. They said it would take a few hours to fix but it wasn’t fixed until the afternoon. I finally got to work around 3:30 PM totally stressed and overwhelmed. The wifi was still shit, I couldn’t even get through any of the videos people asked me to review to complete tasks. All I was able to do really was get through lead gen campaigns and upload last week’s blog which was super frustrating. Because of all these issues arising I feel like I’m falling behind with work and I’m afraid I’m being seen as a slacker or lazy, which I promise I’m not, just a bit of a rough patch. The flatmate workouts are still going and we added in a 30min Zumba session which was honestly quite fun I must say, it’s helping me clear my mind and feel refreshed which is needed during this lockdown. 

On Tuesday the router was installed and the wifi was much better thankfully. Had a busy day spending the majority of it working on lead gen and assisting with new campaigns. Last week I took up these new tasks which I still haven’t managed to get to which I feel bad about but I contacted everyone letting them know what’s going on and thankfully they’re all super understanding of it all. I beat myself up a bit too much about all my work going on. Went on a mini walk along with the workout hoping it would clear my mind which it did thankfully. I just need to take it easy and one step at a time. 

Wednesday I spent the day working on lead gen more. A fellow partner is taking over the internal campaigns I’ve been running these last few weeks so besides organising and updating all the campaigns I compiled a bunch of information for her about the campaigns and how/where to get started with lead gen. After this week hopefully I’ll be able to focus on content writing more. I don’t mind running these other two internal campaigns temporarily, but hopefully, soon I can turn to the public relations and content writing tasks I was given last week. I had the usual workout with my flatmates and then we went on a midnight walk which was honestly great. Had no idea where we were going, we just walked around for a little over an hour which felt great. 

I was out of the office on Thursday dealing with some personal appointments during the day and then my flatmates and I had a little thanksgiving dinner as two out of five of us are American. It was nice and cosy filled with laughter and great food. Not the same as being at home with my family, but it was still nice to do, reminding us of home. 

I was bombarded with messages and emails from work on Friday, it took ages to get through everything but I finally managed to. I ended up skipping the team meeting to continue working. I got a lot done, feeling super productive which felt nice. We had the flatmate workout which felt good again, it was quite fun and then one made me go outside and do sprints with her and run around the block. Ya girl does not run, didn’t enjoy that at all. Had a nice healthy salad for dinner before stuffing my face with cheesecake and pie after…oops ha! Totally worth it and deserving though after a long hard week of work. 

Work didn’t stop here though either. Did some on Saturday. I have this writing task for a client I’ve been working on for quite some time now, and it’s still going, so I’ve been banging out the writing as fast as I can (of course with care) to get their work launched and up and going. Another workout today and then tomorrow I rest! Like I say every week (lol), hope work next week is smooth sailing!