The week started like any other week, quite productive, beginning early and chugging through work. It was my last day working with the lead generation team. Spent the remainder of the day working on the SEO work for the Etsy client and begin uploading the listings on the Etsy website which is exciting. 

Finally started on the content writing assigning which was a nice change. I was able to dive into some longer writing and dabble with various writing styles. It took me a few days to write though as I kept hitting a writing block and I wasn’t liking what I was producing. I think I wrote the full article a few times, before finding one that I was happy with. It’s all a learning experience, once I get the hang of it, it’ll be better, but it was an enjoyable start. I really liked writing so I hope I can keep it up and continue to work with the content writing team. 

I hit a bit of a roadblock with the Etsy client later in the week, which put a pause on all the work. It was frustrating as the client wasn’t happy with the work and I felt like I was failing him, my project, and Pearl Lemon. I tend to be super hard on myself when I make a mistake, thinking the worst of the worst which I need to learn to cut out because it’s not usually that case. It’s a little mishap and not a hard fix, but I see it as the end of the world. With some help and communication luckily the problem was fixed and I began correcting all the mistakes, but I’m afraid that because of this I am set back with the project. I hope not. Slowly chugging along with the listings and I hope to get them uploaded and published within the next week or so, that’d be a great goal! 

Since it’s getting closer to Christmas, and December is officially here, places all around London are putting up their Christmas light displays so I’ve been taking daily walks around the city centre with some friends looking at them. It’s about an hour walk into the centre and then walking around, getting the steps in alright. With the lockdown lifted too London is swamped with people shopping, walking around, queues around the block. It’s crazy! I haven’t seen it this crowded since before lockdown, but the lights everywhere were gorgeous and it was nice to get out of the house and get some fresh air. It’s freezing though! Definitely was not this cold last year. I’ve already whipped out my scarf, hat, and gloves which is rare for me as last year I rarely wore them. 

Friday we had a team meeting which also turned into a training session so rather than having an hour meeting we also had an additional hour of training on top. It was interesting but I was so burnt out about halfway through, I was struggling a bit to keep up. I don’t mind the training sessions, but it is difficult since it’s online and we already had the meeting and I was working before and after. I’d be interested in the training stations kept going but I think there needs to be a balance between everyone’s workload, the team meeting, and training so there isn’t an overload for everyone. 

Thankfully the week is over except I’m starting to see a pattern with the week starting out well and then going downhill quite quickly. I hope this pattern stops as I’m not too much of a fan of it but I can only persevere. It’s all part of the learning process! 

My flatmate and I bought our tickets home back to the US. Neither of us could find full-time positions that would sponsor us so back to the US we go. Going to be a total shit show since the cases are rising like crazy daily and I’ll be going from one lockdown to another it seems. Fingers crossed I’ll be back in London soon though as that’s the goal. For the time though, it’s time to make the best of the best with my time left in London and at Pearl Lemon.