Weekly Partner Update 1- Anthony ( Lead Generation Specialist)


Wow! Already nearing the end of my first week at Pearl Lemon. Things move fast here!

  • It’s been an interesting transition, to say the least. I have never had a remote WFH job before. I’ve worked as a barista, waiter, window cleaner, and carpet cleaner. So this is a HUGE change, but a good one :). 

  •  It is hard to narrow down one new thing that I have learned this week… There’s been many! I’d say the LinkedIn campaigns, HARO pitches, and how to efficiently schedule my time as my home has become the new workplace.                              


  • One thing I will do differently next week is to be sure that I ask questions! It can feel overwhelming when you DON’T do this. Dee was kind enough to hop on a call with me to help relieve some of the pressure I put on myself. Yes, this is accelerated learning, but it is okay to slow down to make you’re doing things the right way. That will probably include watching the training videos 10, 20, or even a thousand times. 😉 
  • So far this week has been a lot of training. Plenty of information and videos have been put into my head. At first, it can be a little overwhelming, (again that’s where asking questions as you go along is a brilliant idea), but as the week has gone along things have become much clearer. I mostly know what I need to do, I understand what’s expected of me, and I feel wayyyy less overwhelmed. Dee is currently working on a campaign in a way he didn’t quite know how to do before, so he’s sending out some training as he is learning. 
  • The tip I’d give for working remotely thus far is to give yourself a variety of work, but DO NOT try to get everything done at once. Do one task at a time. Sounds obvious I know, but it’s an easy trap to slip into. Also, take one day at a time. Give the work your best effort for the day, it’s okay to set some aside for tomorrow. No use being exhausted and doing a bad job when you could be fresh the next day and do much better. 
  • There is also a balance you need to have between your personal life and your remote job. I am married, I work as a full-time volunteer Minister and am in the process of moving across the US. As you can guess, there is a lot to do. I am required 20 hours a week for my partnership. With everything I have going in my life, I like to start and get my work done early in the day. Usually 7:30 am-3 or 330pm three days a week. The other two are my shorter days where Ii spend an hour or two in the afternoon. This helps me to keep up with work but also take care of what’s necessary in my life. This can be a helpful schedule to keep things balanced. 

What’s coming this next week? More than likely some more advanced campaign managing among other things. Looking forward to learning some more!

Written by Anthony Lead Generation Specialist

Anthony joined Pearl Lemon as Lead Generation Specialist as an intern. It's his first time working remotely, and he's enjoying his journey.

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