Hey everyone, Barış here. It’s my first official week (apart from the trial week), thus my first blog post. So I thought it would be nice to introduce myself a bit. Once again, I am Barış ( /baˈɾɯʃ/ ) and I’m from Istanbul / Turkey. My name literally means ‘Peace’ in Turkish language so I could make use of my name quite nicely (you’ll see).


As for my trial week, I was struggling with acclimating to the team environment, workflow and the tasks. It wasn’t hard I’d say. I’d like to thank Federica (one of our HR Queens) for making everything pretty easy for me and for everyone. That week went by at lightspeed. The Pearl Lemon team is insane. Before I joined the team, I was reading these blogs to get an idea of what the team looked like and I saw everyone saying how helpful, how responsive and awesome the team was. Now, I can finally say that myself, too. It’s awesome. The best thing about the team is that there’s a multicultural environment where NOBODY judges you by anything. Other than that, the only things the team wants from you is to be proactive and get things done before the deadline.

I’d like to be transparent about my workload. There is nothing I can’t handle. Even if there is, I am always told that I could request someone’s help if I need it with anything. So, there is nothing to scare about. Everyone can also be flexible with their working hours which makes things pretty comfortable for everybody. 


What I did in my first official week was to prepare a presentation about ResumeCats containing all the feedback we had received so that the development team could work on that. Much as it took a huge amount of time, we managed to complete it and forwarded it to the development team. They have even started updating the website. While they are working on problems, bug fixes, improvements and so on, I have just started preparing a marketing strategy for ResumeCats. It’s going slow I must admit, but we have plenty of time before the official launch. I will probably get help from my team to speed up the thing a bit just in case.


The funny thing about myself is that my family still can’t get used to me speaking in English at home while working, LOL! So if you are in a non-English speaking country and living with your family, try to familiarize your family with this situation.


Next week, I am going to concentrate on the marketing strategy for ResumeCats again so as to finalise it as soon as possible (hopefully). I think that concludes my first blog post here. I want to say, it is so nice to be here in the team. I’ll see you next week!


Peace out,