Weekly Partner Update 1 – Federica (HR Success Manager)


My name is Federica and I am a new – but not too new – partner at Pearl Lemon. What does this mean? Let me list out some details about me.

I am:

  • New to the team. Today marks the end of my first week with Pearl Lemon. In the past few days, I took the time to go on 1-to-1 video calls with all of the team members to officially introduce and get to know each other. They all seemed like enthusiastic people, happy with their flexible-hours, remote job and I can’t wait to work more with them.
  • Not new to Pearl Lemon. In fact, I’ve already worked for this company two years ago when I was in charge of event planning and management – besides working on social media.
  • New to current company policies. The first time I joined Pearl Lemon, things were way less structured. Therefore, I am now learning about new tools and habits to implement to my agenda, like this weekly partner blog. It seems I will have to be consistent with a diary, at last!
  • New to Human Resources. I am happy to tell you I am now the HR Success Manager which means I will be taking care of the HR side of the company, mainly focusing on team development, both as a whole and on the individual level of each member. It is actually the first time I play this role in a company, consequently I will be learning a lot on the job.
  • Not new to dealing with topics such as: team effectiveness, the internal communication of a company, the importance of leadership, and so on. My past experiences allowed me to acquire a good background knowledge on these, but I will keep on self-educating myself, especially now that I have clear objectives to pursue.
  • New to some platforms my co-workers frequently use such as: Word Pigeon, Mailshake, and probably other tools specific to their job roles. I hope I will have the chance to use them too, as a way to broaden my work efficiency. I remember how my first experience with Pearl Lemon introduced me to a whole new world of tools, shortcuts, websites and strategies that significantly simplified my life! If you’re interested, I talked about some of them in this article on my LinkedIn page.
  • Not new to working remotely. Pearl Lemon wasn’t the only time I worked with a remote team, in fact my last job was quite similar. The only difference is that with Pearl Lemon, you may never meet in person with some of your co-workers, because we are all based in different parts of the world. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons!


Going towards the end of my first weekly partner blog, I can say I am happy Deepak Shukla – founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon – gave me the opportunity to work with him again, giving me a new project which also helps me to work on myself. I am highly motivated to contribute to this team and hopefully, even if on a small scale, to the future of this company.


To conclude, I would like to share with you my official profile picture in line with all other workers’ profiles. This is also new to me! I didn’t get to have a similar picture last time.


I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction.

Bye for now,



Written by Federica

I am highly motivated to contribute to this team and hopefully, even if on a small scale, to the future of this company.

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