Hello everyone!

As you can probably tell by the number 1 in the title, I am a newly-hired Marketing Executive partner for Pearl Lemon! My name is Paula, I’m twenty years old and I will be starting my third and final year at university in September. Considering the fact that I’m pursuing a BA degree in International Relations at King’s College London, working at Pearl Lemon is a fresh start and a rebranding for me🎉

And oof, is it a ride! I feel like I’ve been thrown straight into the deep end of the pool (and I mean that in the best way possible). I’m sure we all know those partnerships, where all you do is make coffee for people and go through “training” for 10 hours a day, which usually consists of listening to industry professionals talk about what they’re doing without giving you any concrete examples to understand what is actually going on. Now, that you have that mental image right in front of your eyes, let’s pull a whole 180 and right before you is the vision of what working at Pearl Lemon is like, where I got actual hands-on marketing experience from day one.

During my call with Deepak on Monday, I got tasked with creating a marketing strategy for ResumeCats – a new resume builder tool for designers. Who would have thought I would get this much executive power right from the beginning?😁 With support from the Pearl Lemon team, by Thursday night the preliminary plan was ready. Upon getting feedback on it, I managed to plan out the entire upcoming week with tasks that would help with ResumeCats’ growth.

The other good news this week was that I am starting to see I’m becoming more proficient in doing the tasks I receive. I am starting to feel more confident taking initiative but also asking for help and advice when I feel that it is needed. I have never before worked with a team that is so supportive and willing to help. I am sure that each person has their own thing going on and that they have a lot on their plate. However, whenever I asked for assistance with any issues that have come up, each person was willing to help me as soon as possible, so that we can all do our best.

I think that is what allows for me to learn quickly – since I’ve started I learned how to record looms, provide feedback on websites, write privacy policies, improve my work productivity, implement an astounding number of SaaS growth ideas, create video ideas on various topics, use sendinblue and contentstudio, prepare meeting notes, utilise the basics of quant-based marketing, stay motivated, optimise social media accounts, and research multiple ideas, competitors, information etc. If the learning curve is always this steep, I’m pretty sure soon I’ll be the next digital marketing expert😎

While the work in itself is incredibly fulfilling and satisfying, I do not remember the last time when I was as happy as when I saw my caricature and my professional email sign off:

I mean… doesn’t this look like the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the last 3 months? At least that’s how it felt for sure. Although that might be a sign I should start looking for a hobby during my free time😅

As for my personal life, I have set up my “home office” to separate my work spaces and my relaxation spaces. It is not too troublesome for me to find the motivation to work from home because aside from the questionable sleep schedule, I have a flatmate who also works remotely every day. Thanks to him, it is quite easy to not only wake up early (usually to the sound of him banging on my door) but also have some proper productive working hours. The highlight of our day is usually a nice lunch and since we both used to live in Hong Kong and share an unfaltering love for dim sum 點心, here’s what we had on one of the days this week.

Also, my family is visiting me for the first time in London since I moved here two years ago, so I’m hoping to draw some positive energy and motivation from that, despite probably having reduced working hours. It might be interesting to see London as a tourist once again (I’m pretty sure that they’ll make me go to all the tourist spots that have already opened😅). I’m not complaining though – if my mum is here and willing to make some pierogi, I’m sure all will be well in the end😁

It’s getting quite late, so I will sign off for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait for the week ahead!

See you then😉