As they say, “between opportunities and obstacles, there is a bridge…”

I thought I will be flying back to India very soon if I don’t get a job, which would mean two things: I won’t stay any longer in London, UK, and explore the exuberant places around. But it was not meant to happen that way. In comes an email from Dee in my inbox saying that you have been selected for the second stage of the interview. 

I was elated, and I thought this would be really cool. I was fascinated by this opportunity. I am glad that I am here working with many people who are scattered across the globe and yet are together celebrating the spirit of being human in their own unique way. 

Life has taught me something, When it throws lemons at you, you don’t have to grab a spoon and go on a lemon and spoon race; instead, make a mojito and ask what else you got. 

It all started last weekend, I wrote a short piece on Google Search Console as a sample. It was a great experience to record my answers for the questionnaire and appear for a totally unconventional interview, something which  I yearned for. 

I am a sucker for traditional workplaces, which I find dull and outright mundane. But working remotely over the week on the courses was a tremendous experience and time of learning on the go. The Deepak Shukla Courses site is a great place to learn the skills required to develop your internet business. 

I worked on these courses throughout the week :

1) How to learn something quickly, competently, and profitably?

2) How to research and write a blog from scratch?

3) Anchors For Motivation

4) Accountability coaching and it’s power

5) Rapidfire SEO Wins

I created individual notes for each video lecture in the course and complete lecture-notes for the entire course. 

I learned to manage my time, structure my day, and work on the editor’s feedback, which helped me a lot, and I thank Rachael for her feedback. 

Today I wrote a blogpost about Appointment Scheduling Software which is a combination of review and article. 

The week was terrific, which started with the sun shining bright and concluded with a continuous downpour. 

If you want one tip to work remotely, it is this you must drink water regularly and have your meals on time. 

Partner Life is fantastic. I interact and learn from all the passionate people around me, which is truly a great feeling. 

In the coming week, I will be writing more blog posts for Daylee. 

I sign off for now, until next time.


Sanket 🙂