Today is July 2nd and it has been a little over a month since I started my journey here at Pearl Lemon. This will be my first time writing one of these blogs due to some miscommunications, so I’ll have a good amount to share!

My name is Skylar and I’m a Marketing/Political Science student at Hofstra University. Hofstra is on Long Island, where I am also based. I will be finishing up my degree in December of this year (2020) and have been working hard to do so!

Hofstra is famous for their many varieties of tulips!

Since the beginning of this journey, I have been excited to learn as much as possible from the team here at Pearl Lemon. I was initially given opportunities to try out a bunch of different things regarding SEO, sales, and digital marketing in general. I discovered that I enjoyed lead generation and was placed as the lead gen manager for 2 client campaigns, Food Razor and Get Known. This was challenging for me because I had never encountered the tasks that were being presented to me and, although there was help along the way, training was not as specific as it could have been.

Nonetheless, I became proficient in using Linkedin, Mandy, and Linkedin Sales Navigator for my client based tasks. I also learned to use MailShake, WhatsApp, Quora as a means of promotion, G-Suite, SoundCloud, and more. After about a week managing campaigns, Phillip hopped in and took over the Get Known campaign which freed up some of my time to work on long form writing assignments and other random tasks.

My Trello board as of 7/2/20

I have continued with many of the same kind of tasks throughout my time at Pearl Lemon, which I feel has helped me master (or become more proficient in) them. I have attempted to make certain processes more streamlined by creating a “master Mandy Google Doc” and including all the necessary links within it. I believe this has helped me because it keeps all the links and information I need in one spot without having to open a million tabs and search through various Looms to find them. This is super important to efficiency, and I hope to be able to implement more of these organizational tools throughout my involvement at Pearl Lemon.

More recently, I have taken my new skills with mandy/Linkedin and have applied them to a new service called Kemistri. Along with Phillip, Allison, Josh, and Dee, we are building new campaigns to generate leads and clients. I am finding the messaging easier and have seen an increase in my success when attempting to communicate and book calls.

I have recently signed on to stay with Pearl Lemon for an additional 5 months, so I will be working with the company until November of 2020 at least. During this time, I hope to increase my value, both to this company and to anywhere else I may find myself in the digital marketing space. I also hope to continue to increase the organizational aptitude of Pearl Lemon and create more efficient pathways.

Improving efficiency!

So far, I have loved getting to know the entire team and working remotely. The team has been so helpful and really takes time out of their days to listen and interact with everyone else on the team. Additionally, I’ve truly come to appreciate working remotely, especially in an international setting. I wake up everyday with emails and messages from people in different parts of the world who have been working diligently while I’ve slept – pretty cool to me! Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time at Pearl Lemon so far and am looking forward to updating you on my future endeavors 🙂