Week 1 at Pearl Lemon

My first week at Pearl Lemon as a content writer was far from what I expected it to be, in the best way possible.

The most exciting thing about working with Pearl Lemon is the fact that my job is not limited to researching articles and writing blogs, but extends across all aspects of the company- from proofreading, providing feedback on our recently launched websites, to commenting on ways to increase work productivity; it’s a very close-knit experience of being interdependent on each other to achieve the best possible results.

To start off, the team has a set procedure of starting and ending our workdays: Every morning we are asked to Whatsapp a message on the Internal group in the following format:

SOD (Start of Day):


[Agenda for the day]

[Capacity of work out of 10]

And then we end our day with:

EOD (End of Day):


[Work that has been ticked off from the day’s agenda]

[Overall view on the day’s producivity]

This Whatsapp group has the whole Pearl Lemon team on it, making sure everyone is aware of what each of us is up to or working on. We also actively engaged in the feedback process, every step of the way- which keeps everyone involved in various tasks that extend beyond their designated agenda making the whole work from home process slightly more interesting and adding diversity to work.

For a more detailed rundown of my list of activities in the first week, I was asked to prepare a complete guide on Wix SEO, start preparing blogs by choosing topics listed on the Internal Sites Content Sheet, proofread all the Pearl Lemon websites such as Pearl Lemon Sales, Pearl Lemon Convert, Pearl Lemon Leads, Word Pigeon and many more.

However, depending on my capacity for the day and urgencies, I have to assist in others in tasks that need urgent attention, for example, I had to help Lydia- our Head of Internal Growth to write FAQs for certain Pearl Lemon webpages.

The process of creating a Wix Complete Guide was very intense and challenging since it needed to be a 5000 words + blog. The whole research process consisted of shortlisting reference articles, watching numerous YouTube videos to understand the topic of SEO better, referring to websites such as BackLinko to understand the writing process of such a lengthy blog, and ultimately editing it to present only relevant material. The process taught me more than SEO but taught me to be more organized.

Lastly, at the end of the week, the whole team joined a video call where our mentor- Dee cues us all in to discuss everything we have achieved the past week and possible ways to overcome any setbacks to being more productive. The most awaited part of the team meeting has to be the “ice breaker” where every week one of our colleagues comes up with a game! This week, our Web Designer Fares came up with a game where each one of us had to choose a place anywhere in the world, where we would rather be other than being quarantined at home!

To not anyone’s surprise, I chose the UK because I miss my university and my friends so much!

To conclude my first week was an absolute blast and I am very excited to see what my upcoming 6 months at Pearl Lemon have in store for me!

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