Today 15th May 2020 is the Seventeenth day, I’ve been a part of Pearl Lemon as a partner and incidentally, it is 55th day in lockdown for me due to Coronavirus. Though I had academic schedule going online I had some free time and in a quest to do something productive apart from regular academics, I started looking to learn some technical skills, courses and partnerships on many websites and I ended up on (Highly recommend), it is there I found Pearl Lemon, stalked their super cool websites and applied instantly, the next day I had my first ever WhatsApp interview. ‘It’s got to be the new age of interviews.’

28th April 2020 is the date I had an interview for a partnership at Pearl Lemon, The Founder and CEO Deepak Shukla (Coolest Boss) interviewed me briefly on WhatsApp and introduced me to Lydia, Internal Marketing Director and Sam, Marketing Executive for a 7-day trial to test me and since then it’s been a couple of hectic weeks with a lot of learning, it is like a quarantine package of knowledge for me.

Lydia and Sam are the ones who mostly allot tasks to me, sometimes Dee does too, all are super-supportive and helped me with the tasks. Lydia is the one who got me familiar with the company’s work and work-culture, she guided me through all the formalities, modus operand and apps to use to make work-flow seamlessly apart from this I learned a new concept called ‘Block Scheduling’ from Lydia, and been trying this for a couple of days it is quite helpful to keep a work-life balance, apparently, this is the same technique used by XÆA-12’s Dad, The Elon Musk, to keep his hectic schedule intact. Trello is the app, people at Pearl Lemon use to keep their work organised. Here’s a sneak-peek of my Trello Board,

In these 17 days, I have been working on 12 tasks, which gave me a lot of new experiences, learnings and taught optimal utilisation of time.

All in all, it’s been a great start for me as a partner at Pearl Lemon, it is nothing like what you will ever expect. Hoping to learn more, working with the super talented people around the globe and be productive, will keep posting further updates (TJ at Pearl Lemon) catch you next Friday.


– TJ