Hello everyone! Yanie here! This is my first official week of the trial month working at Pearl Lemon as a digital marketing executive! What does this mean you may ask? I hop around Pearl Lemon and it’s various clients, assisting the rest of the team with marketing tasks! 


Here are a few fun facts about myself to start off the post:


Trial Week

My trial week was quite smooth. Spent the week reviewing all the information in the toolkit, watching the videos, and then I was assigned on the Plant Sumo team to assist with various tasks. 

Got through the trial week with success, had fun and decided to further continue working with the team, yay! I enjoyed the idea of working remotely, waking up and just sitting on the couch, or bed, in my pajamas typing away at my laptop. 


Official Week 1 

During the first week of the trial period, I continued executing some tasks for Plant Sumo. 

My next task I found to be something quite new and exciting for me. I was asked to take a stab at writing blog posts for La Dolce Studios. This is something I haven’t done yet and while it was challenging I enjoyed it quite a bit. Throughout the next few days, I focussed on the posts while executing other tasks on top of it such as taking on a new project with a new client. The client is a digital signage company. It’s just me working on the project so I felt a bit intimidated but I am up for the challenge and I know it’ll be a good enjoyable experience.


I spent the rest of the week on a new project, gathering information to create Pearl Lemon Academy, an online MBA programme extending from Pearl Lemon Official. I was in charge of researching a competitor and creating a competitive and SWOT analysis which I enjoyed. During the various projects, I worked on during my Master’s I had to create several SWOTs and competitive analyses, so this was something I liked and I was excited to show the team what I’ve learned (such a nerd I know lol). On Friday I experienced the team meeting for the first time. It was a bit intimidating for me I must say as everyone already knew each other and were super relaxed. As the newbie, I sat there quiet and talked only when it was my turn. Spent the remainder of the time getting to know the rest of the team. Everyone seems quite chill and got along well with each other which was nice and comforting to see. Once I get more comfortable with everyone, I can see my time at Pearl Lemon being quite a positive experience. I look forward to my time as an partner with Pearl Lemon! 


Not work related but good news! I received my overall marks back for my program and my final project. All really good responses which I am thrilled about. I spent the summer working on my final project which was a lot of hard work and took many long and painful hours but it was nice to see in the end it all paid off. Ended up going out with some friends Friday night to celebrate the degree and job accomplishments and ended up not working the next day until late afternoon, oops! Welp, it happens and is well deserved regardless. 


The overall thought of the official first week at Pearl Lemon: positive and hopefully it’ll only go up from there!