Hello again!

I’m back at work after my week off which I spent at the seaside with my family.

I’m actually so lucky to still be here for a few days, but as agreed I’ll start working again while enjoying life as a remote worker!

Take a look at these places in two different sites of Italy. I have come here every summer since I was little because it’s where my grandparents have their house for the holidays. The global pandemic had me doubt I could ever go on holiday this year so being back here makes me feel even luckier.

Talking about work, instead, I don’t have much to share since I’ve only worked for two days this week.

As expected, Friday was mostly about catching up with all messages, emails and news…and trust me, there were a lot of news! While I was away, Deepak took care of the hiring process and ended up making a few changes to it. It seems I’ll have a possible new system to follow and build on. Honestly, I haven’t had the time to check recorded interviews and other resources yet, so I will discover more about it starting from Monday.

Besides this, many people are now on their trial week before the start of their partnership. In total we have:

In addition, on Monday another lady will start her trial period as an ad manager and possibly a social media manager.

All of this results in a lot of administration tasks as well as people and task management. I enjoy doing it, but I have to admit it can be challenging at times.

As mentioned before, here at Pearl Lemon there is always a lot going on and things develop and adjust so often and so quickly that you barely have the time to get used to them!

On the lead generation side, I have a lot to work on as well. On Saturday I took the time to reply to 100 messages via LinkedIn and I know I still have to check my emails. Soon I will evaluate my active campaigns and see how effective they have been so far and decide if they need an upgrade.

That’s all for this week! We’ll catch up in 7 days as usual.