Wow, finally hitting double digits in blog post counts by me. This week ended up turning out to be very, very unproductive. Last Sunday my fever ended up setting in after four hours of work and knocked me down and out. I was able to manage almost three hours of work each day up until thursday. Thursday ended up being a half speed, Friday was a full speed day, but yesterday knocked me back down with a slow day having a four hour nosebleed.

So maybe 30 hours this week… and for me that is very low and feels unproductive.

I am looking forward to being myself this week. Being sick rots me out of my mind, I can’t stand sitting still and doing nothing, but fever brain makes my capacity to do anything pathetically low. It is already shaping up to be a productive Sunday. I am ready for my day, over 32 oz of water already, first meal down and dinner is premade, and my day is set up for work.

Outside of Pearl Lemon I managed to get another portfolio submitted, so I have two left to finish and have five weeks to do that, so I will try to knock those out this week, then go back and really fine tune them all. I am really hoping I am able to demonstrate enough to at least sub out half of these classes.

Pearl Lemon this week was a tad slow for me:

Today’s docket:

I have 12 hours until I put Todd to bed and about 14 until I go to sleep, so I am going to try to get in a 7 hour day today. Start my week strong and tasks cleared as much as possible. I would rather have a strong day 1 to get a good headstart into. Essentially my plan last week, but this time I’m not functioning at the level of a baked potato.

Last week definitely hit hard with single parent life, but I am grateful for my best friend with that. I went and stayed at her apartment the entire time I was sick, so I could have help with Todd. I ended up being so sore and weak I couldn’t pick him up. Trying to take care of him while sick is enough, doing that with class work and work work on a normal day is a lot, let alone feeling like death. So, it is nice getting help once in a while considering 90% the time it is just me and Todd home and I don’t get much help or assistance. I wish I had a picture of us not being dumb or lookin dumb together…but She is the one that got matching tattoos with me….the jelly to my peanutbutter.

Outside of work, it is a “Pure Michigan” day out too. It is cold out, but it is sunny and we have a fresh blanket of snow calling me. I want to aim to get 4 hours in before I go outside, so if I work from now until Todd wakes from his nap that will cover that plus some. Todd loves the snow, but I am always so short on time we don’t make it outside.

Although I am at full capacity again…work wise and mentally… I am struggling to get yet another post up to full length. That is probably due to being so far out of it this week, I simply don’t have much to write about. Living in a ball under a blanket will do that to you though.

I am watching the word counter for this post, so I guess it is not falling too short of my usual. Time to wrap this up and make it a little prettier and crack on with my schedule for the day. Til next week 🙂