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Welcome back to another weekly partner update, from yours truly, Rachael Brown.


Here in the UK this week we went into our second lockdown to help prevent the spread of covid. It’s supposedly going to end on the 2nd of December, but I personally doubt that will be the case. 


Hearing all the reports about a potential lockdown happening last weekend I decided I didn’t want to risk it. I packed up my suitcase, popped on the tube and headed back home to the sleepy southern countryside.


There’s nothing better than being under lockdown in my village because nothing goes on here anyway. I’ve got time to focus on my partnership, relax and get on top of university work without having to remember to do the weekly shop. And on top of that, while I absolutely love London, it’s significantly more peaceful and quiet here. I can really relax while being surrounded by nature and trees. It’s also lovely to be able to see my family and dog.


So of course adjusting to being back home has taken up a lot of my week. I haven’t been the most productive this week as I have had a ton of uni work (dissertation inbound, scary stuff). Dee has also been incredibly kind in letting me keep my mic and webcam, which I’m really grateful for. Time to begin my youtube commentary career >:) (I’m kidding…or am I?)  


While the podcast is coming to an end ( I feel like I have covered a diversity of topics, spoken to a range of people and at this point, it is just me rehashing the same talking points and exploring the same ideas) I have two more episodes left to record, which should be fun.


I’ve been brainstorming some new ideas for video content which I am going to present to Dee soon, youtube commentary videos gain a lot of traction and interest, which is what our channel desperately needs. While of course the vlogging style videos of me reviewing restaurants isn’t currently an option, there are other avenues we can explore. 


So, without any further ado, here are my highlights of the week!

Podcast With Cece AKA Plant-Based BaeUK

I had a podcast with the plant-based health coach and Dripfit UK instructor Cece! She was genuinely so wholesome and funny and engaging, a really wonderful guest to have on and I extremely enjoyed our conversation about women, diet and body image. 


As someone who comes from the corporate world but was sick of it, during lockdown she decided to set up her business as a personal trainer and health coach! which I find unbelievably impressive and inspiring. 


While of course, Covid-19 has been horrific for so many people, I think perhaps the one positive of it is that it has forced society to confront how much 9-5 working schedules have absorbed our entire lives. To the point, our ability to pursue our passions and practice self-care is significantly limited. For Cece realising this is something which pushed her to get out of the corporate sphere and forge a new career path for herself, which is amazing. She also promoted us extensively on her Instagram and wants to collaborate with us in the future, which is warmly received as always.

Writing The Copy For Plant Sumo Wellness

This week I have been drafting up the copy for the Plant Sumo wellness website which has included the homepage, about us page and sign up page. 


Through this process, I have learned a surprising amount about health and wellness professionals. In particular, chiropractors. Writing about how they can assist clients in realigning the spinal neural system had me out of curiosity heading onto youtube to view chiropractors work, which led to me finding a strange online subculture. 


There is a huge community of creators who create videos showing chiropractic patients being ‘cracked’ (having their bones realigned) which get millions of views. I kind of get it, the crack, similar to the sound of a glowstick is cathartic in a strange and satisfying way, it’s a weird kind of medical ASMR. 


This was on my mind as I continued creating the copy, which included a letter style message from the Plant Sumo founders about why they set up the site and who they are which I thought would feel a bit more personal. 


I’m looking forward to receiving more feedback and guidance about it as Kaushal designs the site. 

Drafting Up Ideas For Plant Sumo Nurture Email Campaign


I also began drafting up ideas on a word doc for something Dee wants to start up- a plant sumo nurture email campaign. So basically quick snippets of content or advertisements which prime the receiver to make a purchase.


 I have around 7 ideas now of potential email formats (from which we could build many many emails) and I’m just waiting on Dee’s feedback so I know how to progress on this focus. 


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