Hey all! Back with my tenth partner blog update. It’s the start of my third month here with Pearl Lemon, and I can’t believe that I have just over 2 months left in the program! When I first began, it seemed like it would last forever.

I’ve been able to acquire a ton of new practical skills, as well as interpersonal “soft” skills during my time here – but I’ll save all these revelations for another post! Today, I’ll go over my previous week a bit more.

The week started off and ended pretty normally. As usual, I spent most of my time working on campaigns in LinkedIn – Pearl Lemon Group, Pearl Lemon Invest, Pearl Lemon Leads, Working Den, and Sure Oak. They are all becoming routine, but can be overwhelming at times, so Sam has been gracious enough to help me out quite a bit with the daily task of responding to messages on the Pearl Lemon internal campaigns. This week I also added Daniel’s LinkedIn to the Pearl Lemon Group’s LinkedIn campaign – hopefully it will generate some more leads, but I may have to expand the targeted industry and messaging this week to ensure that.

Daniel’s LinkedIn – optimized for Pearl Lemon!

It’s also come to my attention that Deepak and the Pearl Lemon team are developing a competitor to Mandy (the LinkedIn funneling tool we currently use) called Omireach. I was able to go through and give some feedback on that software – it looks great so far and I see a lot of opportunities for the new platform to outperform our competitor on every level. I’m excited for that to launch so I can start using it in everyday operations! 🙂

The start of Omnireach!

Looking back on the actual tasks of the week, it’s clear that LinkedIn lead generation tasks are actually taking me far longer than I could have anticipated, I’ve literally not done anything else this week! Even so, my Pearl Lemon work has taken a good chunk of my time lately. Although certainly manageable, I’m looking forward to bringing some other members on board so I can diversify my tasks here!

Since there’s not much new to say about my tasks here, I’ll fill you in about my life outside of Pearl Lemon! I’ve been getting into my classes for my final year of my undergraduate studies, and they are finally starting to pick up speed – something that will force me to increase my time management skills yet again, haha! I’ve also recently signed up for a real estate class. Although the class itself will probably take me only a couple months, I will have to work as an apprentice for 2 years, so it’s the beginning of a (hopefully!) fun new journey!

The start of a new journey

I’ll have to leave it here for now, but check back next week for another update from me 😉