Welcome back to another weekly update from me, HR Success Manager at Pearl Lemon and Lead Generation Specialist at Kemistri.

This week has been more productive than expected. Despite still being at the seaside, I managed to get all important things done by working early in the morning and late at night.

While I was away, Deepak and Lydia took care of the hiring process as we immediately needed more content writers. Once I was back, I realised Deepak slightly changed the process and made it more automated. This week I took the time to finalize all aspects of this new strategy alongside identifying benefits from the old one to keep. This mostly involved setting up email campaigns and cross-checking several documents and platforms.

Many new people joined Pearl Lemon this week! I was so happy to welcome Heather, Rachael and Meghan as new Content Writers and Daniel as a Sales Executive. At the same time, we have had three people on trial in the following positions:

A lot of new partners result in a lot of administration and people management. This was my main activity during these days and I even learnt a step that I was missing: how to set up new email addresses with different domains.

Last Friday, we had our usual team meeting and there were 17 of us! That’s the highest number we’ve had! Overall, it was a positive experience and Paula led the meeting greatly. Every week, a different person is in charge of leading the call – I think this helps both the meeting be more dynamic and the attendees be more aware of different perspectives. You won’t understand how demanding it is to follow and manage a one-hour meeting until you actually do it. Luckily, our meeting format is quite flexible and soon we may need to adjust it as the number of participants has significantly increased.

On the Lead Generation side, this week was all about replying to unread messages and emails. I found out there was a problem with one of my email campaigns and those emails were sent to more than 150 people instead of just 15. The consequences were not too bad, but I admit I was not expecting it when I came back after my week off. This is one of the limits of using many platforms connected with each other at once: remember to check them all whenever you make a change!

After going back to normality, I collected essential data and statistics to analyse the performance of our campaigns and had a call to discuss it with Francesco, the Italian Marketing Director at Kemistri.

Now that I am back home, I aim at catching up with everything I postponed while I was on holiday and unavailable to take care of longer tasks that involve more thinking.

There’s a lot to do and always a lot to learn.

Check out a part of my Trello board – I have at least double the lists.

I’ll tell you more about it next time!



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