Another Happy Sunday…this week has been a bit like the twilight zone, this week felt like it flew by. I am not entirely sure why, but I am not complaining about that. I think I am approaching that territory where I can’t wait til the weekend so I can focus on Pearl Lemon better. I am way too impatient about life, but would rather be working like a “real adult” instead of endless classwork. I am very smart, but a horrible student that way, I’d simply rather be working.

I think this has been a productive week. I cannot tell if it has or hasn’t really, it went by too fast and for the first time since I started I didn’t really actively track my hours. I do prefer full-time schedules, so I assume I hit that mark or close at least.

I am back to a similar working schedule I had my first three months with Pearl Lemon though. I work a little in the morning, through Todd’s nap, a little in the evening and then at night while Todd is asleep. I sleep…”sleep”….for about 6-7 hours. The reality of that is I rest more than sleep, even while sleeping, I guess I am impatient about getting things done.

For a while there I was putting my phone in airplane mode during sleep hours to prevent me from touching my phone all through the night…because I will. I am back to leaving it on, there is something that gives me an extra push I found when for about the half hour before and after my alarm goes off I hear Whatsapp going off and Linkedin notifications. I think it is that little extra push that triggers something in my brain that the day has officially begun, because when my cell was in Airplane mode it took alot to force myself out of bed…I have no idea if that is actually what happened or not…but here I am.

This week has been:

Today will be:

Post coffee leaves me with about 14 hours in my day before sleep. So I want to aim at 6+ hours of actual work time, but I would really like it to be 7 or more. As always, I like my productive Sundays….despite my family not liking I work daily, but I like it…so I make my odd “mockery” sound with a face and continue forward. Which also is a good reason why I work late at night when I am the only one awake.

I try to aim to be as productive as I can. Adventures in partner + student + single mom, that often varies. And when you are a workaholic I often am all over the board. When I don’t feel productive I am pretty sure a sound comes out of me like Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends… for those that don’t know….look it up. Actually, I want to hunt down a link… because my spirit animal may be the Orca, but Cheese is much more accurate.

Okay…so I couldn’t find just the clip…honestly I am pretty sure the whole clip is how annoying I am to all my siblings… but at time stamp 2:55 is the sound and I do that wwaaayyyy too much for an adult :

Outside of Pearl Lemon, this week has gone well. I finally started running again, which was a half fail. I still have lingering issues from that bad flu or whatever I had so 30 minutes in my asthma fired up. I also have 6 of my 7 portfolios done for one class and am pretty secure going into the first finals week of the term.