I will hold you all in suspense no longer…


Yes, Hubspot actually agreed to publish my article! I was honestly in shock when it got accepted. 

At the least, I thought I was going to have to edit my draft, but they took it!

It gets published officially on October 26th, and I’ll be sure to link to it so you can read it. I know, it’s going to be hard to wait, but it will be worth it. 

Patience truly is a virtue.

Ok, now it’s time for your favorite regular segment: the podcast update.

So for the meantime am I going to be putting the Founders podcast on hold. Sad, I know, but the good news is I will be doing a different podcast!

This one is called Pearl Lemon Meet The Team. Each episode I will be interviewing a different member of this fantastic Pearl Lemon team to give people an idea of what working at Pearl Lemon is like and to get to know us as people.

Because at Pearl Lemon, we’re not just cogs in a machine. We’re people. (That’s the tagline I’m working with right now).

I’m excited about this because it will give me some more practice interviewing in a lower pressure situation with people I already know.

I recently did a test run/potential first episode with Rachael.

Pearl lemon Meet The Team

If you remember, I already did one with her a few weeks ago. I picked her because she has been hosting the Plant Sumo podcast (which you should really check out!), so I figured she could maybe give me some pointers. 

It went swimmingly, though, and it was super fun. Can’t wait to start interviewing everyone else. And who knows, maybe I’ll be interviewing you soon!

Also this week I wrote FOUR answers on Quora. Yes, I DOUBLED my productivity even more than last week. And the best part is, I’m going to write ANOTHER one tonight, bringing my total FIVE. Am I overusing caps in this paragraph? PROBABLY BUT WHO CARES?

The last major thing I’ve been doing is working on my podcast lead generation guide. I wrote it about a month ago, and now I am going back and editing it.

I’m glad I took some time away with it, because I think fresh eyes are helping me notice mistakes I missed when I was so enveloped in it. 

I mean, it was good before. The foundation was there, but now I’m going back and refining it, putting up siding, slapping a roof on it, making windows or something. This metaphor is kind of falling apart, but you get what I mean.

I’m hoping this week I can make a lot more progress on it. I’m also probably going to be doing some more:

Yes, I got quite the week ahead of me. It’s getting late, so I should probably rest up so I can get after it!

Peace out homies.